Wednesday, January 23, 2013

6 weeks

Well, we've made it to 6 weeks. You are about the size of a blueberry and your face is starting to take shape. I can not wait to see what you'll look like.

Weight gained: None yet.
Symptoms: Well, remember last week when I said I was lucky? Totally jinxed myself. Monday night, and I mean all Monday night, I had terrible nausea and vomiting. Couldn't even keep water down. I rallied and tried to make it to work on Tuesday, but ended up leaving at lunch because I felt terrible. Today, I feel fine! Not as tired as I was last week, so that's a positive.
Food aversions: Onion rings and pretty much anything fried. Kinda makes me gag. I made a pork shoulder in the crock pot yesterday for pork carnitas tacos, and I couldn't eat any of it! It looked so good, but the smell made me gag. Your dad said it was amazing. So, that's reassuring.
Food cravings: Nothing so far.
Suspicions on gender: I have no idea! I did look at the Chinese gender prediction calendar, and based on my birthdate and your due date, you're set to be a boy.
Baby items purchased: Nothing this week. I have been looking at ideas for nurseries and cribs. We'd like to wait to find out the gender until you're born, so we'll need to find a good gender neutral design. I've found a few I really like. I like the idea of a grey with a yellow, red, or blue, or all three. But, definitely white furniture.

Next prenatal appointment: Our first ultrasound in exactly one week!
Things you've done so far: I went on a church retreat with the Confirmation students this past weekend. I had a great time, but had to sit out on many activities, such as the sauna and boot hockey. I told the other leader, Erica, and Pastor David why, but the everyone else had no idea.

It's also been really, really, cold these past few days. I'm talking sub zero temperatures these last few days.
Other notes: Your dad is amazing! Last night when I felt so crappy, he ran to the store when it was so cold and got me saltines and a Powerade. He's also gotten very concerned about me and wants to make sure everything is okay always. I just know he's going to love you so much.

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