Wednesday, January 30, 2013

7 weeks

We had our first ultrasound today! Oh man was it exciting. We saw your heart beat, which is such an amazing thing. It's so great to know that everything is looking good so far. Your little heart was beating between 149 and 154 bpm. (It's supposed to be between 140 and 180. So perfect.) They moved up the due date a few days to September 15. So, I was actually at 7 weeks few days ago.

The technician called you a little gummi bear (love) and said you're about 1.1 centimeters large. They tell you to drink 32 ounces of water an hour before your appointment. I guess a full bladder really helps them see everything. The technician kept commenting on how full my bladder was. "Oh wow, that's a full bladder," he kept saying. It was really funny, but pretty unbearable at the same time. I constantly have to pee nowadays and a really full bladder is no fun. After we left, Matt said we should've asked him if that was the fullest bladder he'd ever seen. :)

To get better pictures, they also stuck a little camera through the birth canal. Obviously it was super uncomfortable, but no different than a PAP. Matt kept asking if it was weird or if I felt weird with the two technicians being the room. And I told him honestly that the annual gyno appointment is way worse.

It was honestly so great to see your little heart beat. It is so reassuring. I guess the chance of miscarriage goes down even more now that they were able to see that.

Weight gained: Still none. It's amazing though because I've been eating like a machine. I have still been working out, which I know helps.
Symptoms: I feel a whole lot better this week. Still pretty tired, but as long as I'm getting my 8 or 9 hours, I'm just fine. No real morning sickness anymore either. I have times where I feel a little queasy, but eating usually helps. I've been trying to eat every two hours or so. I've been crazy constipated. Definitely sucks. Running usually helps move things along. I've also been breaking out quite a bit.
Food aversions: Coffee. Which is not such a bad thing, because I know I'm not supposed to have too much. Beef and pork haven't really been sounding good. Also, whenever I eat a really large meal, I think about what I just ate and kind of feel nauseas. I've also been kind of turned off by vegetables and sweets haven't sounded that appealing. (Which is cray cray for me! I would live on sweets if I could.)
Food cravings: Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Just call me the Carbi Barbie. Corn chex has been at the top of the list. Also, Diet Pink Lemonade from Trader Joe's. We ran out the other day and I told Matt to just get two jugs right away. :)
Suspicions on gender: I'm leaning boy. Matt says he has no clue.
Baby items purchased: Nothing in the past week, unless you count stretch mark cream. Lots and lots of online window shopping though.
Next prenatal appointment: February 14. And, in about 5 weeks we can go in for another ultrasound.
Things you've done so far: We got in about 12 miles of running this week, and I hope to do another 4 tomorrow. The Wisconsin weather has been crazy bipolar. We had a record high yesterday of 60 degrees! And today it's snowing all day and the temperature is dropping like crazy. It's supposed to be a high of 10 tomorrow. Boo. Matt and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook on Sunday and it was amazing. Great movie that pulled at both of our heart strings. Unfortunately, I wasn't craving popcorn. I did eat lots of Skittles though. Saturday night we went out to dinner and then drinks with a bunch of Matt's college friends. Buca's for dinner with one group, and then met another group out at Dave & Buster's. I surprisingly made it out til 12:30. I'm also still bartending Wednesday and Friday nights for extra cash. I won't be doing that for too much longer. But, it's nice to still do it while I can.

This weekend we're heading up to Independence to tell Gma and Gpa Olson and Dana about you. It's going to be so exciting! We'll tell them on Saturday, and then we have the ice-fishing contest and party all day. Then, Sunday morning we're going to head up to Minneapolis to tell Andy I'm pregnant. I know it's going to be a rough morning for Matt. :) But, we'd really like to do it in person. Can't wait for this weekend and to tell the family I'm pregnant!

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