Monday, February 18, 2013

10 weeks

Double digits, baby!! Here we are at 10 weeks. A quarter of the way through. The baby is about the size of a prune, and is growing quickly. It's unbelievable to think how small you were just a few short weeks ago. According to all the books, right now you're developing tiny arms with elbows, buds of baby teeth, stomach, kidneys, jaws, ears, nose, muscles, and hair follicles with little peach fuzz. Everyday it amazes me that this is happening inside my body.

Weight gained: At the last doctor's appointment I was up about three pounds. I'm still getting used to the weight gain. There are no real signs of a baby bump yet, just altogether rounder in the midsection. I think that makes the idea of gaining weight really hard when you just always look like you've eaten a big meal. I'm ready for a little bump!
Symptoms: There really wasn't too much action this week in the symptoms department. I'm not as tired as I have been in previous weeks, which is so nice! I did have my first real hormonal freak out. I was frustrated about something that wasn't even really that big of a deal and out of no where I just started bawling and couldn't stop. Matt was sweet and comforting as I was saying, 'I don't even know why I'm crying.' It was pretty laughable actually.
Food aversions: Really only vegetables, and I wouldn't even call them an aversion. They just never sound appetizing.
Food cravings: No really strong cravings, either. I'm waiting for one of those to hit. Hopefully, it doesn't happen until the weather gets a little warmer. I would hate to send your dad out in the middle of the night for Oreos or Cheez Its when it's freezing cold outside.
Workouts: I got in a few 3 - 4 miles runs this week and lots of walks. Now that I'm starting to feel less tired, I'm hoping to get more runs in. I've signed up to run a half marathon in May, and the doctor has approved it. I'd like to start up-ing my mileage for that pretty soon.
Baby items purchased: Does paint for the nursery count? ;) Since we're not sure if you're going to be a boy or girl, we decided to cover up the pink in the nursery with a nice neutral gray. I was also at Goodwill looking for maternity clothes (scored a pair of Gap maternity skinny jeans for $7!) and had to look in the baby section. I found a Packers onesie that I just had to purchase.
Best moment this week: Finally letting the secret out to everyone! On Friday I told my work about you and everyone went crazy. My boss, Jeanne, was tearing up. I'm very lucky to have a great boss that I would also consider a friend, so it was so great to tell her. Friends and family are now finding out, too.
Miss anything? This week, I really was craving just a glass of wine. Your dad and I went out for a Valentine's Date on Saturday to Crawdaddy's. A Cajun restaurant that we love so much. We actually had our rehearsal dinner there and have been celebrating Valentine's Day there for quite some time. I was planning on having just a glass of wine with dinner, which is OK according the the doctor. Anyways, we ran into the Jagows and Matt had told them the day before that we were expecting. So, I decided against the glass of wine. I just really didn't want to be judged. :)
Next prenatal appointment: March 15 ----> We get to hear your heart beat!
Things you've done this past week: We had a doctor's appointment on Thursday (which happened to be Valentine's Day). We were hoping to hear your heart beat. How great would that have been to hear your heart beat for the first time on V Day? Anyways, it turned out to be a little early. So, we have to wait until the next appointment. Lame. We talked with the doctor about genetic testing, too. And there's so much to think about with that! It's pretty stressful. We're thinking we don't really want to do any of it. We would never not have you because of something and it just seems like it would be added stress. Your dad and I are still discussing this so we'll see. After the appointment, we stopped at Gigi's cupcake shop which is right next door to the doctor's office to split a cupcake that was so flippin' good! Your dad and I were talking about making to a doctor's appointment tradition.

As I mentioned earlier, we celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. Your dad is just the greatest. He did get me flowers and candy (Snickers and Skittles, my favorite!), but he also wrote the sweetest card in the world. He's just the best. I love him so much. I got him some candy and a card, and I also got these prints of Lambeau Field, Camp Randall stadium, and Miller Park and hung them in the basement as a surprise. There the perfect addition to our "Man Cave."

Finally, we spent Sunday painting the nursery. It actually didn't take too terribly long. The pink is now officially gone, and replaced with the gray. It looks so much better! I still want to add stripes to one of the walls, but I've got lots of time to think about that.

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