Monday, February 11, 2013

9 weeks

Nine weeks!! Moving right along. Our little gummi bear has graduated from an embryo to a fetus and is about an inch long. All the books say about the size of a green olive. I promise to start taking some belly shots soon. I always seem to forget.

Weight gained: About two pounds. It definitely feels like so much more. It's almost time to switch over to maternity pants.
Symptoms: Almost all nausea has pretty much subsided. (Knock on wood!) I'm not having to snack as much so I'm not feeling sick. I'm still really tired all the time. I'm hoping that I'm feeling a little preppier within the next few weeks. And, the worst of all, the ole intestines are pretty blocked up. No fun at all.
Food aversions: No real standouts this week.
Food cravings: Still loving cereal and peanut butter sandwiches. So good.
Workouts: Got in a few good runs this week. The fatigue makes it so difficult though. On Saturday, I had every intention of going for a run, but then had to do with a long walk followed by a long nap. Did some lunges yesterday with some dumbbells and my legs are pretty sore today. I can't wait for the weather to get nicer so that I can run outside again. If nothing else, I am still getting in my morning walks with Jax for about 30 minutes.
Suspicions on gender: Last night I had a dream that it was a girl! So, now I'm leaning that way. Give it a few weeks until I change my mind.
Baby items purchased: I went to Goodwill to look for maternity clothes and found a bunch! Right now, I definitely just need pants. I found a few good pairs of pants for work and I'm going to check a few other thrift stores for jeans. I did find a great summer dress, some tops, and a nice hoodie. It was a definite Goodwill score. I hope to thrift as much as I can. Maternity clothes can get so expensive!
Best moment this week: Telling my friend, Katie Dionne, that I was pregnant. She screamed and was crying happy tears. Such a sweet, sweet person. Love her.
Miss anything? We went out for a friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Not going to lie, it would've been a lot more fun if I could've had a few beers. :)
Next prenatal appointment: This Thursday! Which also happens to be Valentine's Day.
Things you've done this past week: It was a pretty low key week, which I definitely needed. We did head to Menard's this weekend to pick up a few paint samples. We'll be painting the nursery hopefully this weekend. We'd like to do light grey and then have one wall with dark grey stripes. The previous owners had the room pink for their daughters. Since we don't want to know what you're going to be until your born, we're going with neutral grey. Here's what the pink looked like with the previous owner's stuff.

The Grammy's were on last night. I suppose it might be interesting to look back and see what was popular. Mumford & Sons won album of the year with their album "Babel." Love them and was very happy to see them win. Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" won for record of the year. Your dad and I love this song! It was the last song they played at our wedding. I remember everyone on the dance floor just singing it at the top of their lungs. "We are young" by fun. won for song of the year. Pretty good song, but it got old pretty fast.

Alright little baby. Keep on growing. Only 31 more weeks until you're in our arms. The idea of your dad snuggling you brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to meet you. (And, yes, I'm going to say this every week.)

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