Tuesday, March 5, 2013

12 weeks

This has been another uneventful week in the pregnant. No real bump yet. We've got a ways until the next ultrasound. It's just kind of like I'm waiting for all the exciting stuff to happen. :)

This week, you are about the size of a plum, you are developing reflexes, opening and closing hands and toes, and your brain is developing fast.

I must say, seeing babies and kids brings up a whole set of new feelings. There is so much excitement and anticipation that was never there before. I just can't wait until September and to meet you baby. To see your face. Hold you in my arms. But, then I also wonder if I'm up for it. If I can do it. Can I be a great mother? Will I be able to fulfill all your needs and help you grow into an amazing, wonderful, smart, kind person? I hope so. I really hope so. I can start with by doing what I know you'll need lots of: love and encouragement. You will have no question whether or not I love you, because I am going to make sure I show you and tell you every single day.

Last Tuesday, Cari's dad, Keith Jagow, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 54. He had a massive heart attack and that was about it. Keith was an amazing man who loved his wife and kids (and everyone around him) very much. I definitely felt the loss this past week. Matt and I actually ran into Keith and Patti at Crawdaddy's a few weekends ago. Obviously they were just over the moon to hear we were pregnant. After dinner, we said good bye to them and Keith just said "God bless your family." I will never, ever forget that.

It has been a trying week saying good bye to Keith, being there for my best friend, and remembering all the emotions that I went through (and do still go through) with my dad's death. But it is also an unbelievable reminder about how precious life is, and what an amazing miracle it is, and to just live life loving everyone and being kind to everyone. The Golden Rule really is the best way to get through life. Please remember that in middle school and high school. Those tough years when it is so easy to be so mean to others in order to fit in. You're only on this earth for a blink of an eye. Make the most of it. Be remembered for the right things.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate Manny's life this past weekend with his 2 birthday. It was so fun to be around him. He's starting to talk and will repeat just about anything you say. We also told all the McChains that you are on your way little baby. You will be so loved. I know it.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good this week. Starting to feel less tired, less bloated, less everything. I can definitely tell that we're just about into the second trimester. I haven't really mentioned it yet (mainly because I forget), but my "girls" have definitely been sore for the last month or so. It definitely feels best to be wearing a bra than not. Oh, and the pimples! I have been breaking out like crazy. The recent break out is finally starting to clear up, but it was really, really bad for a few days. You can see a few of the culprits in the picture above.
Food aversions: Nothing really stands out this week.
Food cravings: Oh man, I can't ge enough cereal. I would probably eat it for every single meal if I could. Also, it's officially Starburst Jelly Bean season!! It. Is. On.
Best moment this week: Sitting in church and watching this adorable baby (probably about 6 months) a few rows ahead of us. It just makes me so excited to be sitting with you in church!
Miss anything? Would've been nice to have a glass of wine with Cari over the many conversations we had this past week, but I wouldn't say I missed it.
Next prenatal appointment: A week from Friday! We will finally get to hear a little heart beat!

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