Tuesday, March 12, 2013

13 weeks

Lucky number 13! Once again, moving right along. Just about done with the first trimester. Some say it ends at week 13, others say 14. You are about 3 inches long and the size of a peach. Fingerprints have formed on your tiny fingers, veins and organs are visible through the skin, and your body is starting to catch up with your head. You're growing so fast!

The belly is getting a little bit bigger each week. Not by much, but a slight difference.

Symptoms: Tired again this week! I had a few days where I felt like I could've slept all day. Also, sleeping on my stomach is starting to get a little uncomfortable.
Food aversions: Nothing in particular.
Food cravings: Still cereal. But, I've also really been loving cheeseburgers. Anytime I can get a cheeseburger, I am all about it.
Best moment this week: Cari and I went to check out a few baby consignment shops, and it was so great to check out all the little clothes! As a woman, I think everyone is always kind of excited about the idea of dressing a little girl, but there were so many cute little boy things, too! I can honestly say that I would be so excited about either gender. It truly doesn't matter and I am so excited to find out on the day you're born. I did end up buying a few outfits. Mainly Brewers, Packers, and Badgers gear, but I did get one little sailor outfit that was just too cute to pass up.

Miss anything? Nope. Nothing this week!
Next prenatal appointment: Friday!!! Seriously counting down the hours.

A few other things from this week: It is getting harder and harder to fit into my pants. They are definitely getting snug in the stomach region. Also, I put on one of my baggier tops today, and noticed that it is not quite as baggy as it used to be. Also, your awesome aunt Dana sent us your first official baby gift. She sent us a super cute yellow and gray blanket and a cute footed outfit.

A lady that a work with randomly overheard me talking about being pregnant, and was so shocked. It turns out, about a week ago, she had a dream that I was pregnant. How bizarre is that? Super weird.

In world news, the Catholic church is currently in the process of picking a new pope. That's all anyone is talking about. In all honesty, it's starting to get a little obnoxious.

I know you're not even born yet, but I've already started to worry about you. It just feels like so long ago since we say you on the ultrasound. I'm so anxious for the doctor's appointment on Friday. I just want to hear your heart beat and know that everything is ok. Your dad and I decided to pass up on the first round of prenatal testing because we didn't want to worry ourselves. Now, I'm thinking taking the tests probably would've provided us with just a little more reassurance. I'm sure everything is fine, I just love you so much already, little one, and I want to take the best care of you a possibly can.

13 down, 27 to go.

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