Monday, March 18, 2013

Workouts, 3/10-3/16

Sunday: Nothing! Just felt too tired and unmotivated. It was raining and gray all day, which didn't help, plus we lost an hour with daylight savings the night before.

Monday: Slow 3 miles outside. It was wet and rainy and I was not motivated to run out all. BUT, I did it! And I was so happy that I did once I finished.

Tuesday: I was having a bit of a sore achilles tendon on Monday, so I decided to skip the run and do 40 minutes on the elliptical. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. I usually can't stand the darn thing. Then I decided to do some shoulders and back weights. Pretty good work out overall.

Wednesday: Bartending! Just a few more shifts to go!

I kind of fell of the wagon for workouts the rest of the week. I've been pretty tired again this week. I'm trying not to make myself feel bad about it, but I still kind of feel like a bum. I just have to remember to listen to my body and do what I can.

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