Wednesday, May 29, 2013

24 weeks

24 weeks sort of feels like we still have a long way to go. But, if I think of it as 16 weeks left instead of 24 weeks in, it feels like we'll be meeting you so soon!

Depending upon where I look, you are the length of an ear of corn or the size of a cantaloupe. You're about 8.5 inches (standard letter size!) and weigh about 1.5 pounds. At this point, you'll be gaining about 6 ounces a week, which explains my ever-growing bump. Your beautiful face is now fully formed, just needs some fat to fill out, your brain is quickly growing, your taste buds are continuing to develop, you are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once you hit the outside world.

Also, I guess you are now able to recognize me and your Dad's voices (and Jax's bark), so I've been talking to you an awfully lot lately. Pretty sure I look like a lunatic.

Symptoms: Holy hunger! I've definitely noticed an increased appetite this past week. In fact, my rumbling stomach is usually what gets me out of bed. Other than that, this week was smooooooth sailing.

Sleep: Another good week here. We had a busy Memorial Day and had about 10 friends staying with us over the weekend. It was really exhausting, but I managed to hang out with the big kids for quite some time both nights. Since I was able later, I was also sleeping in a little bit.

Best moment this week: When we had all of our friends staying with us, every one was really impressed that I was able to hang out so much and be such a trooper. I kept getting comments like, "I can't believe its 11 PM and you're still sitting here and hanging out with us." That was really nice to hear, since sometimes I feel like such a bump on a log.

Baby items purchased this week: Father's Day is coming up in a few weeks, so I got your dad a "manly" diaper bag as a little gift. I'm really excited to give it to him.

Miss Anything? I took a group of the girls that were visiting us to a Lakefront Brewery tour over the weekend. I had a few sips of beer on the tour, but I definitely missed getting to enjoy the full glass!

Movement: Yep, still lots of movement! I'm still trying to figure out your little schedule. I do notice it more in the mornings and in the evenings, but I think that's just because I'm paying more attention to you moving around. And, we still need a big kick for Daddy! I can also tell when I'm not giving you enough space (like leaning forward in my chair or squatting down). You definitely let me know that you need a little space.

Labor Signs: Adding this category for the first time this week! I think I may have had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but I'm not sure if that's what they were or more cramping/constipation.

Belly Button in or out? Still way in. I think I'll be amazed if it goes out. However, I did pick a piece of lint out of there that God only knows how long was there. Sorry. TMI?

Looking forward to: Finishing our registry this weekend and our first shower that's coming up at the end of June!

Next prenatal appointment: A week from today! Regular check up and time to do some glucose testing! Really looking forward to trying that orange juice. Supposedly, if you've got a sweet tooth, you tend to love the stuff they make you drink.

Wow, was it a whirlwind of a week! We had a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day, and in addition to all of our friends staying with us over the weekend, we've been to 5 Brewers games in the last 8 days! I'm definitely looking forward to a low key time this weekend. It also sucks because the Brewers have been losing so much! If they lose the rest of the games in May, they'll beat the record for worst May ever. It would be way more exciting if they were winning.

Tailgating with friends over the weekend.

In addition, we had our first home owners freak out on Sunday night. We came home to find our basement full of steam and our water heater spraying water all over the place. It looked so bad! All I could think about was having to call a plumber to our house on a Sunday night before Memorial Day. Not cheap! Thankfully, we turned the water off, discovered it was a quick fix. Just a matter of changing out a pipe that was leaking. And, your dad and a friend were able to fix it that night in a matter of an hour! Woohoo! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workouts, 5/19 - 5/25

Sunday: On what was supposed to be the day I ran my half marathon, I cheered for runners along the race instead. In the end, I decided I wasn't sure if my body was up for it and decided not to run. However, I will be running it next year! Instead, I cheered Gina on during the race and ran along the course. I paced her for a little bit, too. At the end of the day, I covered about 3.5 miles.

Monday: 2 miles (gym and back) and biceps, triceps, and chest.

Tuesday: Wanted to take this as a rest day, but ended up doing lots of walking. Probably got in around 5 miles.

Wednesday: Rest day.

Sort of ended up taking the rest of this week off, too. It turned into a busy Memorial Day weekend, it was really cold, and the motivation just wasn't there. Oh well. Can't beat myself up over it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

23 weeks

Week numero 23! This week's produce: an ear of corn! This week, you're about 8 inches and slightly over a pound. However, these next few weeks mark the beginning of some serious weight gain for you. You're supposed to double in size within the next few weeks! By 25 weeks, my uterus is supposed to be the size if a soccer ball! Stop what you're doing right now, go find a soccer ball, and put it under your shirt. That's me in two weeks.

Also this week:

  • Your blood vessels and lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.
  • Your ears are picking up more sounds and you are starting to recognize loud nosies you hear a lot. (Like me talking and Jax barking.) You'll be used to these loud noises, then, we're your born.
  • And your face is fully formed! You just need some fat to fill it out.

Wow. You can really start to see a big change in the weekly shots. Just look from Week 20 to 23!

Symptoms:  This week I've definitely felt like a pregnant woman. I feel like I'm moving a little slower and leaning back a little more when I walk, getting closer to the waddling phase. :) The linea nigra (the dark line that appears down the stomach of pregnant woman) has started to show. I've also officially moved from the "Is she pregnant? It's to close to call. I better not say anything." -stage to the "She's definitely pregnant! I'm going to ask her about it." Which is so nice! I love that I look seriously pregnant now and not just like I'm gaining weight. I love being able to talk about my little baby inside. I've definitely noticed my belly more this week, too. It's harder to bend forward or over without realizing that there's a big belly in the way.

Sleep: Still not having a problem here. (Knock on wood.) We had a few hot days that were a little uncomfortable, but I still slept pretty good.

Best moment this week: I went to cheer runners on for the half marathon I was supposed to run, but decided against it. Anyways, I wore my maternity running shirt that says "running buddy" over the stomach. I got so many sweet comments and congratulations. It was so nice.

Baby items purchased this week:  I got a nursing pillow that I ordered a while ago because it was on sale. I also got a few cute maternity dresses for my showers. Plus, your Gma McChain bought you some nice outfits. (She said they were gender neutral, however, if you're a girl, you may be looking awfully tom boyish in a few of them.) I also won a $25 gift card to an online baby boutique from a blog contest online. That was really exciting! I'm not going to spend it, though, until you're born and find out what you are. I don't want to buy a tutu for a boy or some Vans with skulls on them for a girl.

Suspicions on gender: This week, my BFFs Katy and Cari decided I'm having a boy. However, I went to get my haircut and my friend/stylist Krystal said she thinks I'm having a girl.

Miss anything? Nope! I've been so utterly happy to be pregnant all this week.

Movement: I'm pretty sure that I felt a kick from outside this week. I had my hand on my stomach and was sure I felt it. It's so hard to tell, though, because I can definitely feel it from the inside. So, it's hard to tell if my hand actually felt it or if I just knew it was happening because I could feel it on the inside.

Looking forward to: Seriously, you being here. I was thinking about how far along I was this week and was just amazed at how fast the time was going. Then, I was thinking about the day you enter this world, the first time you smile, when you sit up, when you laugh, when I give you a bath, and all those other things I can't wait to do, and I seriously started bawling tears of just pure joy. I can not wait for you to be here.

Next prenatal appointment: 2 weeks.

It's been a really busy week over here! Your dad and I went to two Brewers' games during the week. I went to Green Bay on Saturday and Sunday to cheer on a friend running the half marathon. I was originally signed up to run it, but decided I wasn't really up for it and didn't want to push myself too hard for your safety. It was a hard decision to make, but in the end I think I made the right one. Now, next year I can run the race, but you and your dad can be waiting for me at the finish line!

I also went to get my hair cut by a good friend and I love it! I needed to switch up my look a bit and am so happy with it. It makes me feel so good about myself.

Also, something I've been struggling with a lot lately is how our first (fur) baby is going to react once you arrive. I know he's going to love you and be such an amazing "big brother," but I feel really bad about not being able to give him as much attention once you arrive as we do know. There's no doubt that there's more than enough love in my heart to love both of you to the moon and back, but I just don't want him to feel neglected or discarded. Thinking about that makes me feel so bad. I'm sure the transition will go well and within a few months you'll be able to show Jax lots and lots of attention, but I still worry that he's going to feel left behind. I guess I'm just going to have to make a conscious effort to show him lots of love whenever I can once you get here.

My first "baby."

Man, I love this crazy dog.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Workouts, 5/12 - 5/18

Sunday: Run to the gym (2 miles total) and some bicep, tricep, and back work.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 3 miles in the morning.

Wednesday: 2 miles to the gym and back. Shoulder and back work.

Thursday: 3 miles with Jax and Matt.

Friday: Walking day.

Saturday: Rest day.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

22 weeks

After my ultrasound last Monday, my due date was pushed from September 15 to the 18 (totally the wrong direction!). Anyways, I figured I better move these posts by a few days to be a little more accurate. So, today, May 15, 2013, I am 22 weeks!

This week, you are about the size of a Barbie doll, but with obviously a much better figure. (Or a large banana if you're missing the produce reference.) You weigh about a pound and have eyelashes and eyebrows, now. Your lips are becoming more distinct and you're developing tiny tooth buds. Also, you eye have formed but the irises still lack color (I think they'll be blue, but we'll have to see!). Finally, your pancreas is developing steady and you've begun sleeping in cycles - about 12 - 14 hours a day. I can definitely tell when you're not sleeping, you little kicking machine. But, please keep it up! I love the kicks.

Symptoms: Nothing really stands out this week. I've seen some pregnant women begin to complain about back pain right about now, but I've been lucky in that I still haven't had any. My allergies and stuffy nose have cleared up really nice. I would say the only obvious thing is the growing belly. There is definitely no hiding it now! But, it's still not really in the way. I can still bend down and move around very comfortably. I'm enjoying that while it lasts, because I have a feeling by the time I hit 30 weeks or so, the belly will be a little more troublesome.

Sleep: Still sleeping very well. I'm still in bed pretty early during the week, but I'm also up very early during the week. I probably get between 8 and 9 hours during the week. This past weekend, I only got about 6 hours of sleep each night, but felt fine during the day. Granted, I wanted to go to bed at like 6 on Sunday, but I was fine otherwise.

Food aversions: I've actually had this one for a while, but never really mentioned it: yogurt! It's so weird because I can eat it with granola and fruit, or in a smoothie, but the thought of eating plain yogurt really grosses me out. Also, this really isn't an aversion, but just something I should stay away from: coffee. I usually don't drink it since I'm supposed to limit my caffeine, but decided to have a cup on Saturday and then a cup on Sunday. But then, on Monday, holy headache!!! Worst caffeine withdrawal in the world. Before I was pregnant, I would have a cup a day, but would be alright if I missed a cup one day. No withdrawal symptoms. So, since I pretty much felt like crap all Monday, I'm just going to eliminate coffee. *And I just felt you kick. Do you know I'm talking about you? ;)*

Best moment this week: Putting together your crib! Dana, Rob, Andy, and Anna were all down to help install a fence in our yard, and we also put together the crib. Originally, it was just going to be me and Dana and Anna and my mom put the crib together. We got a few steps in and ran into a few snags. So, Andy, Rob, and your Dad had to help us out. But, it's kind of cool to think that almost all of your immediately family got to help put the crib together.

Baby items purchased this week: I didn't buy anything, but your G-ma McChain bought you a bunch a clothes, a little stroller, and a Gerry pack for when you get a bit older.

Suspicions on gender: So, I've been feeling girl for so long, but for whatever reason, I'm feeling boy this week!

Miss anything? Not particularly this week.

Movement: Lots and lots. I'm starting to see a little but of a pattern with it. Like I generally feel you when I get to work first thing in the morning, and about 8 at night. Keep getting stronger though, because we need your dad to feel it!

Looking forward to: Memorial Day weekend! In two weeks, baby! Nothing like another day in your weekend.

Next prenatal appointment: Just another check up on June 6. Then, just one more check up 4 weeks later, and then we switch to every 2 weeks!

This past weekend was ah-ma-zing! Your aunts and uncles were in town helping us put a fence up for Jax, and I guess kind of for you. It was so great to have our house filled with family all weekend. The boys did a great job of putting of the fence and us girls did a great job of feeding the boys. My mom was around for a lot of the weekend, too. It was just so great to be with everyone. I was totally bummed when everyone left, though. I just miss everyone so much, and it always feels like I have to wait such a long time to see them again.

Sunday was also Mother's Day! I guess it was kind of my first Mother's Day, that's what everyone kept telling me anyways. Your dad was so sweet. He got me a card, a beautiful plant that is now living in my office, and a bunch of goodies from Trader Joe's. We all had breakfast together and it was just such a good day to reflect on how lucky I am to have such an amazing set of siblings, how lucky you'll be to have them as your family, and how grateful I am for you, baby. Every single day I still feel like I have to pinch myself. But, it's real. I'm going to be a mom in a few short months and it is just an unbelievable. It was a great Mother's Day, indeed.

Rob and Matt working on the fence.

Andy making some calculations while Anna supervises.

Matt cutting boards for the fence.

Jax is all, "Isn't my fence done yet? Get me off this leash."

And he's covered in saw dust.

Jax loves to be picked up. (Totally kidding.)

The boys with their finished project.

A group shot that Jax had to wiggle his way in front of.

Take 2.

And the McChain side.

And your crib!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Workouts, 5/5 - 5/11

Sunday: 4 miles.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 3 miles in the morning before work.

Wednesday: 2 mile run to the gym and back. Back and shoulder lifting at the gym.

I've officially fallen back in love with running and with working out. It is helping so much to cut my mileage (so I don't feel dead after every run) and to get up in the morning and work out. The mornings have been beautiful, and then the fact that I have to work out is not hanging over my head all day. I can go home and spend time with Matt, take a long walk with the dog, grill out, work in the yard, whatever I want.

Thursday: Three mile morning run.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Work around the house day. There's a lot of stuff to get done around the house, so that will keep me extra busy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Second trimester ultrasound

Seriously. I have no words. I am just in awe. There is seriously nothing like spending that hour sitting and watching every little part of you being checked out. I was definitely close to tears when it all started.

They did lots of measuring of you: your head (2 inches across), your abdomen, your heart (all 4 chambers looked good), your kidneys, your bones in your arms and legs, the umbilical cord (you could see the blood moving through it), your bladder. It was great. It took much longer than I thought it would, but it could've taken twice as long and I would've been happy.

We told the tech that we did not want to find out what gender you are. However, Matt thought she slipped up during the exam and called you a "he," but then I thought she slipped up and called you a "she." I guess we'll just have to wait another four months to find out for sure and I am OK with that. I think it's going to be a great surprise.

Your grandma McChain came along with us, too, and I know she loved it just as much as we did.

It was seriously the most surreal thing ever. Obviously, I've know you've been there for the last 21 weeks, but it was as if you became an actual, real baby at the ultrasound. OUR actual, real baby. I can't wait to hold you, and kiss you, and feed you, and put you to sleep, and tell you I love you every single day.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have come this far with such ease. No complications. Nothing to worry about up to this point. I am just able to begin dreaming about you, and what you're personality will be like, and what you will accomplish with your life.

I am so excited and so ready to be a mom. To be your mom. 18 and a half weeks to go.

I love you so much, baby. Always and forever.

Monday, May 6, 2013

21 weeks

And another week passes us by! Since we've officially hit the half way point, we're cruising down hill now to the finish line. This week, you're the size of a pomegranate or the length of a carrot. Last week, all the books said you were the size of a mango. To me, a mango and pomegranate are pretty much the same size. I guess I need to brush up on my produce a bit. :)

You weigh about 3/4 of a pound and are about 10 1/2 inches long. And here's what you've been up to this week: your movements have turned into fill-fledged kicks and nudges and we may start to discover a pattern to your movement, and your eyebrows and lids are present now.

Symptoms: Oh man, the stuffy nose this week has been rough! I ended up going to the doctor because I was so plugged up, and it turned out to be a sinus infection. I've never had a sinus infection in my life! Along with the stuffy nose has come lots of bloody noses. Who honestly would've ever thought that stuffy/bloody noses were symptoms of pregnancy?

Anyways, my doctor just thought it was allergies that led into a sinus infection. I've got a couple meds for it now and am feeling much better. However, it pretty much wiped me out from Tuesday - Friday.

Sleep: Excellent! No problems here.

Best moment this week: Seeing my belly get bigger and bigger.

Miss Anything? Just being able to take an over the counter drug for headaches, allergies, runny nose, etc. Would've be so nice this week to just take something and get rid of all my ailments!

Movement: This week, your movement when from butterfly kicks, to serious karate chops! It was so surreal. I could sit and feel it forever. I was actually able to feel them from the outside with my hand. We tried for a bit for your dad to be able to feel them, but you were a little bit stubborn.

Looking forward to: The continued kicking. It seriously never, ever gets old. And for your dad to finally feel it!

And this weekend! Your aunt and uncle (plus Anna and Rob) are coming into town and I can not wait.

Next prenatal appointment: Ultrasound in a few hours!!! I'll do a separate post just about that.

Workouts, 4/28-4/29

Sunday: Three easy miles.

Monday: 5 miles total. My boys joined me for 2.5 of them.

Tuesday: Bike ride to Miller Park for the Brewers game! And I couple dog walks.

Saturday: 4 miles

Well, this week was a little tricky. I was side tracked by a terrible sinus infection that pretty much knocked me on my feet for most of the week.

I'm still scheduled to run the half marathon in a few weeks, but I'm not sure if I will or not. I'm still enjoying running and working out, but I'm not enjoying training for the long runs all by myself, especially since I'm just slower than I used to be. We'll see what happens on game day. Worse comes to worse, I try to finish the half and have to stop during it. Definitely not the end of the world.