Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Second trimester ultrasound

Seriously. I have no words. I am just in awe. There is seriously nothing like spending that hour sitting and watching every little part of you being checked out. I was definitely close to tears when it all started.

They did lots of measuring of you: your head (2 inches across), your abdomen, your heart (all 4 chambers looked good), your kidneys, your bones in your arms and legs, the umbilical cord (you could see the blood moving through it), your bladder. It was great. It took much longer than I thought it would, but it could've taken twice as long and I would've been happy.

We told the tech that we did not want to find out what gender you are. However, Matt thought she slipped up during the exam and called you a "he," but then I thought she slipped up and called you a "she." I guess we'll just have to wait another four months to find out for sure and I am OK with that. I think it's going to be a great surprise.

Your grandma McChain came along with us, too, and I know she loved it just as much as we did.

It was seriously the most surreal thing ever. Obviously, I've know you've been there for the last 21 weeks, but it was as if you became an actual, real baby at the ultrasound. OUR actual, real baby. I can't wait to hold you, and kiss you, and feed you, and put you to sleep, and tell you I love you every single day.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have come this far with such ease. No complications. Nothing to worry about up to this point. I am just able to begin dreaming about you, and what you're personality will be like, and what you will accomplish with your life.

I am so excited and so ready to be a mom. To be your mom. 18 and a half weeks to go.

I love you so much, baby. Always and forever.

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