Wednesday, June 5, 2013

25 weeks

Alright, time for another State of the Uterus Address (totally stole that from someone, but I love it). I was joking around with Katy and Cari about the list of pregnancy symptoms that are on board for this week. Are your ready for them? We've got constipation, hemorrhoids, gas and bloating, all over aches and pains, and trouble sleeping. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Thankfully, I've had none of those, except for a little bit more trouble sleeping.

Now, at 25 weeks, the baby is the size of an eggplant or rutabaga. You weigh about 1.5 pounds and are between 10 and 13 inches long. You're beginning to look less long and lean, and starting to fill out with baby fat. Gah! I can't wait to squeeze your chubby cheeks. I can't wait. Also, your wrinkled skin will start to smooth out so you look more like a newborn, instead of Benjamin Button. You're also starting to grow hair. If we could see it, we'd be able to tell color and texture. I'm going to guess you'll have dark brown hair, but it really could be anything. I'm thinking curly, too. I've got quite a bit of curl and you're dad's hair has a little wave to it. You're nostrils are also starting to open up this week. Even though you're only breathing amniotic fluid, it's good practice for your entrance to this world.

I really need to start wearing the same thing every week. Look at weeks 20 vs. 25. It's so much easier to tell when I've got the same shirt on. I definitely feel pregnant this week. More and more people are starting to comment on it and asking me if I'm pregnant, since it's so obvious now. It's so amazing to just talk to everyone about it and have everyone notice it. Before, I would want to scream that I was pregnant and not just getting a spare tire.

Also, any suggestions on a good response to "You've gotten so big!"? I know it's supposed to be a compliment, but it's just so funny. Probably the only time you can say that to a grown woman without getting punched.

Weight gained: I haven't really talked about this much because it was such a huge adjustment at first. Making the transition from worrying about your weight and being skinny all the time, to gaining weight and seeing your body change. It's really hard! I'm definitely at a place now, though, where I am totally ok with it. I am loving my body and am in awe every single day at what it's up to. After all, you're growing inside of there and it is unbelievable. Since my last doctor's appointment, I gained about 4 pounds, or a pound a week, which is right where I'm supposed to be at. Overall, I've gained about 20 pounds.

It is so awesome to be at a place where I eat what I need to when I'm hungry and not feel guilty about it. I've got to enjoy that for the next 15 weeks. ;)

Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks (I think so, anyways), a little acid reflux but nothing too uncomfortable, a little back pain but again nothing too uncomfortable, definitely gas and bloating (Yes, your dad loooooves me right now.), and tons and tons of trips to the bathroom. Half the time, I go to the bathroom and then ten minutes later I have to go again. However, I am staying very hydrated!

Movement: I can still feel it all the time and I love it, but your poor dad has yet to feel it. I'll feel a few strong kicks, have Matt come and put his hands ob my stomach, and wait and wait and wait. But, you haven't kicked for him yet. He's even tried talking to you to get you to kick, but no luck yet.

The other day I was sitting in a meeting a work and you were going cray cray! You must've loved to hear all the voices chatting and wanted to be a part of it, too.

Sleep: Sleep was a little bit trickier this week. I was definitely tired and had no problems falling asleep, it was the waking up to go pee. The last few nights I've probably been up 4 times to go to the bathroom. And I was definitely feeling it on Monday and Tuesday. I feel a lot more rested today, though.

Next doctor's appointment: In three weeks! We had a check up this morning and took my glucose test. Hopefully the results from that come back good so I don't have to take the 3 hour test. For the glucose test, you have to drink this super sugary drink. People either hate it or love it. I'd say the first few sips weren't bad, but the last few were terrible! It was a lemon lime drink that reminded me of the juice that's at the bottom of a popsicle. You know, the ones you eat from a plastic tube. Then, you wait an hour and they draw your blood.

After our appointment in three weeks, then we start going every 2 weeks.

I've got to get us signed up for birthing classes, too, and we also meet with a pediatrician at the end of the month. So exciting!

Things from the week: This past weekend, our neighborhood had it's big rummage sale. Our main goal was to find a dresser for your nursery that we could also use as a changing table. We were looking for pretty much any color, as we were planning on painting it white anyways.

Well, we scored big time! Found a dresser for $20, a glider (which is white and matches your room) for $30, and a white toy chest for $25. It was amazing. The best thing was probably a glider. We were looking for new ones online and were preparing to spend several hundred bucks on that, so I was soooo jacked up about that.

The dresser definitely needs work. However, we've already started painting it and got some new hardware, and it's starting to come together great. Once it's all done, I'll be sure to post a before and after picture. For now, here's the before.

And here's the glider and the chest. Matt's aunt Lucille made the blanket that's on the chair. Works perfect, right?

We also finished our registry this week since our first shower is 3 short weeks away! Oh man, was that an overwhelming experience. The fact that we don't know yet whether you're a girl or a boy makes it a little more difficult, too. There are almost no gender neutral clothing options! We'll definitely live though. The surprise on the day you are born will be so with it. When we were walking around Target, there was this 11-month old little girl who was fascinated by the scanner we were using to register. She loved it and we kept running back into her and her mom. It was so fun to talk about being pregnant and having a baby with the other mom. It's almost as if I've been entered into the "Mom" club. Plus, the little girl was so stinking adorable.

This week, I've also been thinking a whole lot more about the fact that you've got to get out of me. I think it's because your little kicks are starting to get so strong. Giving birth is definitely a scary thing to think about. How much will it hurt? Will I be able to do it? Will I need a C section ( I so hope not!)? I'm just so unfamiliar with the whole thing since I've obviously never done it before that it's going to be such a new experience. I've been watching a lot of the show A Baby Story, which basically depicts the birth stories of a ton of families. That's kind of nice to see what other's experience. It's just definitely going to be something I'm going to be a little nervous about until the day comes. Then, I have a feeling I'll be so excited to meet you, that I'd be willing to do just about anything to make that happen.

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