Wednesday, June 19, 2013

27 weeks

Seriously? Wasn't I at 26 weeks just yesterday!?! Time, once again, is flying.

This week, my uterus is supposedly the size of a basketball. Sounds comfortable, right? I really can't complain though. I've still been sleeping pretty good and am still doing lots of walking and a little bit of running.

This week, you weigh about 2.2 pounds and are 15 inches long, or roughly the size of a cauliflower. You're sleeping and waking at regular intervals. I've definitely noticed a bit of a pattern. You are definitely active early morning, between 2 and 4 am. You've woken me up almost every day this week with your kicks. How about you wait just a few more hours? You also seem to get pretty active around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Neither of those are times when I'm with your dad, so he still hasn't felt you kick! You are opening and closing your eyes, and perhaps even sucking your fingers. Also, your brain is staring to get pretty active.

Also, they say that we can hear your hear beat if someone puts their ear up to my stomach. We haven't tried this just yet, but I'll make your dad do it and see what he finds.

I still don't have any stretch marks, which I'm thankful for, and my line down my stomach hasn't gotten too much darker. My belly button is still way in, too. I don't think I'm going to get much of an outie at all.

Symptoms: Holy heartburn. Towards the beginning of the week, I was seriously getting heart burn/acid reflux every single night. It was not comfortable. The old wives tale is that you're going to have lots of hair because of all the heart burn. But, we'll see. I was a bald baby for a long time, so I have a feeling you're going to be pretty bald when you're born.

I'm experiencing a few more aches and pains that I have been, too. Definitely have to sleep supporting my back. And, if I go for too long of a walk without my belly band, I can feel it in my lower back. Cramping and bloating have been terrible in the afternoon, too. Not sure what's up with that.

Workouts: I've decided to stop keeping separate track of my workouts. Earlier this week, I was out for a run and experienced some cramping about a half mile in. I stopped to walk for a half mile, and then did another mile with half running, half walking. I called our doctor and am ok to continue running, but should be listening to my body and stopping when I do feel the cramping. So, I have a feeling, my runs are going to turn into more run/walks, and I am ok with that. I just hope to stay active 4-5 times a week, walk Jax every single morning, and get a couple weight lifting sessions in each week, but I'll be taking each day as it comes.

Suspicions on gender: I have no idea what to think anymore. I had a dream that you were a boy last week! It really will be a complete surprise either way.

Movement: I'm boycotting this topic until you kick for your Dad! DO IT!

Food aversions: Actually, food in general this week has not sounded too appetizing. I haven't really been wanting to eat anything, because I haven't be craving anything at all. But, I've been forcing myself to eat when I usually do, and it's been working our just fine.

Food cravings: I can not stop thinking about subs with mayonaise on them. Lots and lots of mayonaise. It's so weird. I haven't eaten one because I don't want to eat too much deli meat, but I may be stopping to get a turkey sub sometime soon.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I don't have an issue falling asleep, and I haven't been waking up quite as many times to use the bathroom. But, I have been waking up once or twice in the early mornings, between 2 and 4, and have a hard time falling back to sleep. I'll feel you moving like crazy and feel wide awake.

Looking forward to: Our first baby shower in a few weekends! Also, our doctor's appointment in a week and meeting with a potential pediatrician next week.

A friend from church works at GE and they are doing some testing on ultrasound machines. They asked if it was something I was interested in, and I am so interested! Any excuse to see you again. I'm going to talk to Dr. Hoelzle about it next week to make sure there are no risks involved. But, if she says it's ok, then hopefully we'll get to see your little face one more time!

In the world of celebrity babies, rapper Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian just had a baby girl. Everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats to find out what the girl's name is. I've heard possible Kai or Kadence. It definitely will be starting with a K though. Princess Kate Middleton is supposed to have her baby pretty soon, too. I'm hoping she doesn't steal a girl name on our list! Channing Tatum and his wife also just had a baby girl and named her Everly. Evelyn is at the top of our list for girl's names, so I totally love that! So sweet.

My hormones have definitely been a bit heightened this week. I like to watch a Baby Story (a show on TLC that shows a different couple each episode having a baby) every morning while I'm eating breakfast. Needless to say, it makes me cry every single time. Also, I've had a few less-than-patient moments with your dad. He made some comment about the amount I'm eating and it not filling me up, and I pretty much started balling. He didn't mean it in a bad way, but it hurt my so tender feelings anyways.

Our poor, poor Jax is also experiencing some separation anxiety. A few weeks ago, we came home and he randomly decided to chew apart our window sills upstairs. So not cool. Since that happened, we realized that every time we leave on the weekends together, he gets super anxious and chews apart more of the window, our shoes, a jacket hanging by the back door, the back door, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

After talking to his vet, we think it started because of our water heater pipe that burst over Memorial Day weekend. It was probably a pretty traumatizing experience for him, and we're thinking he's associating that with any time Matt and I leave together on the weekends. So, the poor guy is freaking out. Although I'm glad the vet said she doesn't believe it's because of the baby coming at all, I'm still stressed about making him feel ok. We ordered this thing called a thurdershirt that is supposed to calm him down, and also a collar that is supposed to emit stress-relieving hormones. Plus, we've got a few things we can do that will hopefully make him calm down and feel less anxious. As much as I hate our house being chewed to pieces, I hate even more that he is getting so scared. That was another thing I had a hormonal meltdown on this week. I just want him to know everything is ok. Hopefully, we get this all worked out before you arrive, little one, and also before we have to cal a behavioral specialist in. That can get expensive.

We also finished your dresser/changing table this week! Check out the difference. Like I mentioned earlier, we were able to get the dresser for just $20, plus about $25 in materials. Definitely a good deal.

Notice the shadow from a certain canine in the background?

I continue to be mildly horrified by the things some people say to pregnant women. Of course, I've received the "You are getting bigger by the day!" and variations of that, which always make me feel good. :) When we first started telling people we were pregnant, there were a few times I got "Was it planned?," which sort of shocked me. I was wearing a black maxi dress at work the other day and someone said: "Don't you look comfortable today?" Really!?!? Isn't that sort of the same as: Could you put any less effort into how you look? Did you just roll out of bed? It definitely makes me laugh. The best though: I was in the bathroom and work and talking to another woman about being pregnant. Her first comment: Isn't it nice not having your period? Wah?!?!? No: Aren't you excited to be a mom? Do you know what it is going to be? She straight up asked me about my period. To be honest, I haven't even thought about it. There are so many other things to think about when you're pregnant. Exciting things that don't involve bleeding from your crotch. Gross. Just gross.

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