Wednesday, June 26, 2013

28 weeks

Third trimester, baby! Is this real life? Holy cow. I can't believe how far we've made it. 12 weeks to go! And, we have some exciting few weeks coming up, so I'm expecting these next few weeks to just fly by. It's so hard because I feel like I just spend my time counting down the days until your arrival. So, it will be super nice to be so busy.

I've seen several different items of produce mentioned this week about your size: eggplant, head of cauliflower, Chinese cabbage. (One site even said the size of a chihuahua. I love that reference.) Either way, you're about 16 inches long and weigh about 2.5 pounds. I guess you're not going to get too much longer before you're born, just chubbier. (Have I mentioned how badly I want to squeeze your cheeks!??!?! Very gently, of course.)

In other news: you can now blink your eyes which have little eye lashes (Gah! I die thinking about your eye lashes!), you also may be able to see light in the womb, and you're also developing billions of neurons in your brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

I think it is craziest to look at the different weeks when I'm wearing the same shirt. Isn't it crazy that I thought I looked pregnant at 20 weeks. I had no idea.

Symptoms: Holy bathroom trips! Not only am I up about 4 or 5 times a night to use the bathroom, but then it's probably about every hour or so during the day. I was warned the bathroom trips would get worse, and they definitely have. Small price to pay. I guess you're just getting bigger and need all the extra space that my slightly filled bladder is taking up. Heart burn on the regular, still. I've also started to experience more back pain when I'm out for longer walks with the dog. Probably should start wearing my belly band for those.

Also, I've noticed I've been a lot more uncomfortable in general, but I guess that's to be expected. It is much harder to get in a comfortable postion while at work sitting at my desk and definitely while I'm sleeping. It has also been super hot and humid these past few days, making being comfortable even more difficult.

Movement: Such exciting news in this department: You finally gave a big kick for your dad! Not just once, but twice. It was so awesome. We were just hanging out at home on Saturday (June 22) and you were going crazy. We tried a couple times for your dad to feel it, nothing. Then finally, he had his hand on my stomach, and I was like "Did you feel that?!?!" and looked at him and he was beaming. He was so happy. Then you did it again. It was so great. Before that, I felt like every time he had his hand on my stomach and I asked if he felt the kick, he thought I was going crazy.

You've also started moving a whole lot more. I can feel it all over my stomach, from the way bottom, to the top, and the sides. Just goes to show how big you are getting.

Sleep: I knew I couldn't continue forever with sleep being great. I just didn't think I was going to be that lucky. Sure enough, sleep has gotten a little bit more difficult this past week. Not only has it been warm and humid, but I've had such a difficult time getting comfortable. Then, it seems like once I finally get comfortable and fall asleep, I wake up because I have to go to the bathroom. Oy vey. I've still been sleeping in our bed though. I figure if I have a really rough night, I can try moving to the couch.

Suspicions on gender: I can honestly say I have no stinking idea. But, I'll find out in 12 weeks. :)

Food cravings/aversions: This past week has been really weird. I haven't been hungry for anything. Just food in general doesn't really sound good. Obviously I make myself eat on my usual schedule and I  do have the occasional hunger pain in the morning, but nothing has really been sounding appetizing.

Workouts: I've still been getting in lots of walking, several miles of running every week, and a couple trips to the gym. I'm just fine with that.

Next doctor's appointment: We're meeting with a possible pediatrician tonight and then have a check up tomorrow morning with Dr. Hoelzle.

Looking forward to: Our first baby shower thrown this weekend by your amazing Aunt Dana! I can't wait.

In exciting world news, the Supreme Court just came to the decision that Prop 8 (the bill that said gay marriage is legal in California) is in fact constitutional and they did not strike it down! Which means gay marriage is legal in the sunshine state. It's still not legal all over the U.S. (including Wisconsin), but it is one giant step in the right direction! Woohoo! By the time you are reading this, people *hopefully* won't even think twice about gay marriage.

In pop culture news, it finally came out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby North. So, considering the kid's last name is West, that makes the full name North West. Pretty ridiculous right? You can thank me anytime for not naming you that. It'll be interesting to see if you have a few kids in your class, or a few years below you, named North.

I was talking with your dad the other day and we were discussing just all the unanswered questions that we think about every single day that we're going to find the answers to in just 12 short weeks. Everything from what gender you'll be, to how easy or difficult it will be to have a newborn, to whether or not I'll be able to breast feed, or have a vaginal delivery versus a c section. So many questions! I seriously spend so much of my days just wondering about what the next few months will bring. And, I can't wait. See you in 12 weeks, little one. Love you to the moon and back.

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