Tuesday, July 2, 2013

29 weeks

So, after my doctor's appointment last Wednesday, it looks like they are moving my due date back to September 15, so I'm going to slowly move these blog posts back up a few days.

Now, on to the good stuff: My belly is officially large enough that I can't see my legs anymore. It's getting so big! Thankfully, most of the time I don't feel as big as I look.

This week, you are the size of a butternut squash, weighing about 3 pounds and about 17 inches long. I took out a ruler to get an idea of what 17 inches was, and I pretty much blew my mind! I can't believe you are that long. I guess this is about how long you will be when you are born, you've just got to put on a little weight.

This week, your muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and your head is growing bigger to make room for your developing brain. You are also gaining what is called white fat, which is giving you more and more energy to move around like crazy. I guess you were just gaining brown fat before, which is necessary for temperature regulation.

Gah! This photo is a bit blurry. Whoops.

Symptoms: The usual third trimester: heartburn, peeing alllllllll the time, bloody noses, general aches and leg cramps (which is kind of new this week, I haven't really had this issue before). The leg cramps were really bad one day, but I think that's because I was just on my feet too much, and the day before I did some squats and lunges. I just did too much and I have to be more conscious of that. Otherwise, I still feel great. I really can't complain. This is actually my favorite time of pregnancy so far. It is obvious you are pregnant and everyone talks about it.

Movement: So, so much! Sometimes I have to get up and walk around because you are punching and kicking me so much! But, it still feels amazing every single time. I can't get over it. You gave a good kick for your dad again, too, which he loves so much.

Sleep: Sleep was a lot better this week! I think it was because it's not nearly as hot and humid as it was last week. I'm definitely more comfortable sleeping and I'm only waking up about 2 to use the bathroom. I'll take it!

Suspicions on gender: Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl? I have no idea.

Food cravings/aversions: No super cravings or aversions. For whatever reason, a turkey sub with mayonaise on it sounds good every single day. Mainly the mayonaise part. Gross, right? On the aversion side, I really haven't been feeling broccoli or chicken when I make it myself (but I can make myself eat it). I can't really handle yogurt, either.

Workouts: Still trucking along! Doing several run/walks and a couple trips to the gym for weights. I can probably run about a mile and then a need a break. Plus, I'm still doing daily walks with Jax that are at least 30 minutes.

Doctor's appointments: We met with your pediatrician last week and she's awesome! Her name is Dr. Boldt and she couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. I know that she is going to be such a good help when it comes to your first few months with us. We also had another appointment with Dr. Hoelzle. She says I'm still measuring right on track and I have to get a few vaccines. She also took some blood to check my platelet level. She thought it might be kind of low because of all the bloody noses. We see her again next week (we see her every 2 weeks now!) and she was going to let me know more about it then.

Looking forward to: It's Fourth of July week! I took a couple days off, so I have a 5 day weekend and I am so looking forward to it! Some friends are coming into town, we've got Summerfest going on, a wedding on Saturday, and I hope to do a bunch of washing and organizing of all the baby stuff we received from your shower this past weekend.

On that note, your wonderful Aunt Dana and your Grandma Olson threw a shower for me this past weekend and it was great! We got a bunch of stuff that I know we'll put to good use, including a bunch of crocheted sweaters and booties from various people. You have some talented family members! They also asked everyone to bring a used book instead of a card, so we've got a good head start on your library! I am really lucky to have such amazing in laws. I don't even like calling them that because I feel like in laws has such a negative connotation.

In family news, you've got a new canine cousin! Your Uncle Andy and Anna (who I am pretty sure will be your aunt) just adopted a new puppy named Leinie. She's a 4.5 month old cocker spaniel and hound mix. She actually came up from Oklahoma from an area that was recently devastated by tornadoes. I know she's got an amazing new home. I am sooo excited for them, probably too excited. You would think they were having a baby. :) We're heading up to Minneapolis in a few weeks and I can't wait to meet her.

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