Tuesday, July 9, 2013

30 weeks

Are we really at 30 weeks? One more week and then we've down to just single digits on the count down! Honestly, so crazy. Sometimes, it really does feel like I've been pregnant FOR-EV-ER. But, then other times, I'm amazed at how fast time has flown. Today I'm feeling like time has really flown.

This week, you are about the size of a head of cabbage, a crazy kicking, spinning head of cabbage. You're still about 17 inches long and now you weigh almost 3 pounds. Also, a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds you, but that volume will decrease as you get bigger and takes up more room in the uterus. Your eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after you're born, you’ll keep your eyes closed for a good part of the day. When you do open them, you’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means you can only make out objects a few inches from his face. That's crazy. I know no idea a baby's eye sight was so bad in the beginning. In addition, although your height and weight haven't changed too much this week, you brain has been doing some major developing. I guess the surface of your brain used to be smooth, but now it's taking on those grooves and indentations. Those wrinkles allow for an increased amount of brain tissue  — a necessary change as you prepare for life outside of the womb, and the street smarts you will need. 

Symptoms: Nothing too terrible this week. I've gotten used to all the peeing, so I hardly consider that a symptom anymore. I am having even more of a time getting comfortable, but I can still deal. Long car rides are getting more uncomfortable, too. Leg cramps are continuing, too. Gosh, they drive me crazy! I haven't been overly tired, either, which I'm kind of thankful for. We had a few days of really warm, and humid weather, which pretty much knocked me on my butt, too. Thank God for central air! Also, I thought I saw the slightest hint of a stretch mark, so I've been using stretch mark cream regularly, and it seems to have gotten a lot better. I won't be upset at all if I get a few (small price to pay!), I'm just glad my stomach doesn't look like a tiger malled it.

Movement: Oh man are you moving baby! I definitely feel so much more than last week. You're kicks and movements are getting stronger and stronger. I can feel one set of limbs on one end of my stomach and the other set on the other end of my stomach. It's crazy. You're still moving around for your dad, too.

Sleep: Most nights were still pretty good. Sunday night was a little rough. I had the previous 5 days off of work for the 4th and pretty much blew my sleeping schedule. So, when I tried to fall asleep around 9 to get up for work in the morning, it was just not happening. Plus, it was unbelievably humid and we didn't have the air on. I've also had a more difficult time falling back asleep when I wake up to use the bathroom. I suppose I should start gearing up for the insomnia that's to come.

Suspicions on gender:  Anytime anyone guesses what we are having, they always, always, always say girl. I think I've had maybe one person say boy. I guess that makes me prone to think we're having a boy. :) 10 more weeks and we'll find out!

Food cravings/aversions: There isn't a particular food that stands out to me as craving it or not wanting it. However, I did have a few days where I felt just a little queasy. Not quite nauseous, but just a little bit of an upset stomach. I would just have a little snack and it would pretty much go away, though. They say some women will be morning sickness again in the third trimester, so I was afraid I was maybe dealing with some of that again. But, it doesn't appear to be bad at all.

Workouts: With having all the time off of work last week, we had all kinds of things planned: Summerfest a few nights, BBQ at our house with 20 friends, walking to fire works, a wedding on Saturday, etc., so I really didn't want to overdue it. I was on my feet enough with getting everything ready around the house and walking the dog, so workouts took a back seat. I'm not too stressed about it though. Hoping a can get back into a little bit of a routine next week.

Doctor's appointment: This Thursday! I'm hoping my platelet levels look good and, as usual, can't wait to hear your little heart beat.

Looking forward to: We're going in for that ultrasound at GE on Wednesday afternoon and I can't wait! It's still another 2D one, but I'm hoping you'll be moving around more than the last one and I can't wait just to see you.

Also, we're going up north to Chetek, Wisconsin with the Olson's this weekend. I took Monday off of work, too, so we can spend Friday through Monday up there. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of boating, book reading, and just laying in the sun. Unfortunately, I don't think water skiing is going to happen. :)

Every single week, it gets realer and realer that we're about to be parents. I was talking to my friend, Cari, and basically said, "In ten weeks, I am going to be someone's mother." And we both kind of had a *holy shit* moment. It's the scariest feeling in the world, but also the most exciting. I was also thinking about going to the bank with your dad to open a savings account for you once you get here, and realized that you would be there, too. You'd have to come along unless we got a baby sitter. Then, I realized that all of our future outings will be like that. It was bittersweet. Obviously, there's nothing more in the world I want than for you be here. But, on the other hand, it has been just me and your dad (and obviously Jax) for quite some time, and I'm hoping our relationship stays as strong and loving as it has been. I know it will if we both work on it, but obviously things are just going to change.

Over my long, long weekend, we went to Summerfest one night with a bunch of friends to see Nelly (I know! So trashy, but awesome). Anyways, the concert was packed. I've never been in place with more people. We had a picnic table, but more and more people started coming by us and joining our table. There wasn't even any place to stand because there were so many people around. I was all about fighting through it and enjoying the concert, but then, I just has this feeling of "I need to get out of here!" I've never been more panicked in my entire life. I looked at your dad, and was just like, get me out of here, while holding back tears. So, we walked to the back (which was almost impossible) and took a breather. I know your dad was disappointed because he couldn't stay and watch the concert, but he understood how scared and uncomfortable I felt. It was the craziest thing. Like I said, I have never been so freaked out in a certain moment before. Must've just been that flight or fight response. I guess I had the feeling that something bad was going to happen and I needed to protect my baby.

Other than that night (which was still really fun until I panicked), we had a great weekend. Spent lots of time with friends. One of my best friends since first grade, Brianna, was in town from Denver, and it was so great just relaxing with her. We also had a picnic at our house on one day with friends. Our neighbors came over, too, which was great. It was the first time we were really able to spend some time with them. And, I must say, we are really lucky to have such awesome neighbors. Your dad and I also had a date night to Sumemrfest and saw AWOLNATION. It was a great show! And, to round out the weekend, we went to the wedding of Drew and Shahree Douglas at the War Memorial downtown. It was a beautiful location that overlooked the lake and the wedding couldn't have been more perfect. Plus, we got to see so many old friends. It was a great night.

With such a busy weekend, this work week has definitely felt long so far. Took a few days to readjust to being on a schedule. Can't even being to imagine how difficult it is going to be once I'm home with you for 12 weeks and then have to head back to work. I'll have to remind myself to savor every moment.

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