Wednesday, July 17, 2013

31 weeks

9 weeks to go! Down to single digits baby. Seriously. When did we get this far along?

This week, you are about the size of a pineapple, and weighing about 3.3 pounds. All of your senses have developed, you can turn your head from side to side, your arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out, you are going through major brain, nerve, and eye development, and your irises now react to light. I guess you're also dreaming, too. Exciting stuff.

You can thank the ridiculous humidity got my frizz ball head.

Every week, I seriously appreciate more and more that we've taken these photos. So cool to see.

Symptoms: Pretty much about the same as last week: lots of bathroom breaks, occasional bloody noses, a general feeling of being uncomfortable (especially at work), and general achiness. The leg cramps haven't been as bad as the last few weeks, so that's a positive. It has also been super hot and humid this week. It's like you're breathing under water. That has definitely taken a toll on me, too.

Movement: Definitely still lots of it. Something super crazy did happen this week: I was driving and I felt a large bump towards the top of my stomach. I pushed down on it and it slowly went back in. So, that must've been one of your arms or legs, or even a knee or elbow. It was the craziest feeling ever! It happened another time during the week and your dad was able to feel it. It's was pretty freakin cool.

Sleep: We were up north in Chetek from Friday through Monday with the Olsons. We spent the time in a cabin that was super air conditioned. So, sleep was awesome those nights! Then ... Monday came and brought a huge heat wave with it. The heat index has been over 100 all this week and won't cool down until Friday. So, Monday night was pretty rough cause our house took a while to cool down.

Suspicions on gender: This week I'm back to feeling girl. On an exciting note, I think your dad and I have pretty much decided on a name (both a boy's and a girl's). It's kind of exiting to think of you as either Little *Girls name* or Little *Boys name*.

Food aversions/cravings: No real aversions, but man, oh man, am I back to craving carbs. Can. Not. Get. Enough.

Workouts: I actually was able to get in about four runs this week. And, in fact, a few of them were run 1 mile, walk .5 miles, run 1 mile, walk .5 miles. It definitely helps to keep moving. In fact, I was telling your dad how great it would be if I could go for a run the day I go into labor. Quick funny story: I was out running up north this weekend and some older guys yelled to me, "Take it easy. We don't want any babies on the road." It was actually really sweet.

We also did quite a bit of swimming up north, too. It was so great to get in the water and literally feel weightless. I also did a few cannon balls off the end of the dock. I'm not sure that I was really supposed to do that, but it was fun anyways and you seem just fine. :)

Doctor's appointments: We had our last appointment last Thursday, and everything still looks good. You heart beat was awesome, I'm measuring right on track, my blood pressure was good, and my platelet levels came back just fine. All good news. Now we're back next Thursday. Also, we start our birthing classes at the hospital this week and I'm pretty excited. Funny story: My best friend in the whole world is Katy Keefe. We've been friends since we were in utero and here's why: Your Grandma and Grandpa McChain met Katy's parents in their birthing class. So, maybe we'll be meeting your the parents of your future BFF!

We also went in to GE last week to be the guinea pigs for their ultrasound testing, and it was soooo cool! We saw you moving like crazy, the tech said you have hair, and we got a few 3D 4D images of your face. They even shot a little video of you moving around.

Here's your little face! It was difficult to get a clear shot of your face because you kept putting your hand up near your forehead. 

This is a little difficult to see, but it's a shot of your hand holding on to your little foot. Pretty cool.

It was a very cool experience. We saw way more detail than we've seen in any other ultrasounds. And, we got paid to do it! Definitely a good deal. They are doing a few more tests in August, so we're hoping that maybe we can get in for another.

Looking forward to: A low-key weekend at home. Can't wait to be at home all weekend and just relax. I'm also really excited to start the birthing classes.

On a kind of sad note, we found out over the weekend that one of your dad's cousins and his wife (who got married literally 4 months before we did) have been trying to have a baby and are having a little bit of trouble. I've been thinking so much about them and trying to send them positive thoughts and prayers. It's also an excellent reminder of how lucky your father and I are. We were obviously trying to have a baby, but we weren't really trying very hard. I wasn't looking to see when I was ovulating or stressing about hormone levels or anything like that. It happened perfectly naturally for us and much quicker than we thought, but I couldn't be more grateful for it. We are just so lucky.

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