Tuesday, July 30, 2013

33 weeks

7 weeks to go! Once we hit next week, I'm going to be super happy. They say baby's born at 34 weeks go home from the hospital with their mother's. So, for me, 34 is the safe zone. Obviously, I'd like to go a little longer than that, but I think I'll have a big sigh of relief when we hit that mark.

This week, you're the size of a cantaloupe or a pineapple. I like the idea of a cantaloupe being in my stomach better than a spiky pineapple, so we'll stick with that. You weight about 4.75 pounds and are about 19-22 inches in length.

This week, your immune system is developed, your fat layers are filling out, your skin is smoother than ever, and your central nervous system and lungs are continuing to mature.

Symptoms: I actually feel better this week than I did last week. Still peeing all the time. Seriously, I forgot what it feels like to not feel like you have to pee. I'll go to the bathroom and then almost immediately feel like I have to go again. I also felt my first contraction! Our doctor always said your stomach will feel really hard. Well, I felt my stomach cramping up, pushed on the bump, and, sure enough, it was rock hard. But, I don't feel as large and uncomfortable as I did last week. Maybe I'm just  getting used to it.

Movement: About the same as last week. I can still count on you to do some moving and shaking after I eat something. I can see my stomach move more, too. But, I guess there is less fluid in my stomach now and more baby, so that's why that happens. Also, we were in Minneapolis this weekend visiting everyone and your Uncle Andy got to feel you kick! The look of shock and excitement on his face when he felt it is something I will never, ever forget. It's almost as if it was real to him at that moment.

Sleep: No complaints here this week. I'm still waking up quite a bit, but am comfortable sleeping.

Suspicions on gender: I have officially decided to pick a gender and stick with it. So, I'm going with, drumroll please .... A BOY! I think you're going to be a boy. It's just my gut instinct. As far as names go, we've pretty much decided that if you're going to be a boy, you'll be Callum David Olson. If you're a girl, you'll either be Evelyn Grace Olson or Mila Grace Olson. We haven't completely decided.

Food aversions/cravings: Nothing in particular. I will note though that I haven't been as hungry this week as I have in the past. Must be a slower growth week for you.

Workouts: Still doing 2-mile walks five days a week with Jax. I've got to say, I'm pretty worn out when I'm done with those. They feel so good, though. I plan to keep them up.

Doctor's appointment: We had another one last Thursday. Everything's still right on track. Trucking along. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but the last time I was getting my blood drawn, the tech commented to me and your dad about how great it was that he comes with me to every appointment. He's only missed a few and I know he hates when he misses one. He's just the best, such a proud papa. At our last birthing class, we also toured the hospital where you'll be entering this world. It was really nice to see and get familiar with everything. I can't wait until your first night with us. We also saw the nursery and saw a few tiny, tiny babies. So exciting!

Looking forward to: Last night, a friend took some maternity photos for us. She is just getting into photography and said she would do them for free. From the few previews I saw on her camera, they looked amazing! She's dropping them off tonight and I can not wait to see them.

This past weekend we took our final trip up to the Twin Cites before you'll be here. It was really great to get up there and visit with everyone. We also got to meet your canine cousin, Leinie, for the first time. She was amazing! Jax and Leinie got along great. She's so much smaller than Jax, but when they wrestle, she pretty much throws her whole body against him and then just rolls around. You can totally hold her like a baby, too, which makes was good practice for holding you. :)

It was also a kind of funny week in the "People commenting on your pregnancy department." At work, a lady was asking me how far along I was and when I was due. I told her, and she said things like, "You really have that long? Are you measuring ahead? I bet you'll go early." I pretty much wanted to cry and then throw my coffee in her face. Then, the next day, I was walking the dog in the morning and a lady came up to me and just said, "I see you walking every morning and you're so beautiful. Just beautiful. I had three children and I never looked that beautiful when I was pregnant." She was so sincere and it was just so, so sweet. She totally made me cry as I was walking away from the conversation. It's just unbelievable how one person can make you feel so crappy about yourself, and then someone else can make you feel so great.

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