Tuesday, August 20, 2013

36 weeks

Less than a month to go! One more week and I'll officially be full term. So, baby, I'm pretty much ready whenever you are.

This week, you are about the size of a head of romaine lettuce, or just about 6 pounds and more than 18.5 inches long. For the next few weeks, the majority of your major systems are developed, so you'll just back on the pounds (or ounces I should say). Also, you're shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered your body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected your skin during this nine-month amniotic bath. You swallow both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement.

Symptoms: Lots of bathroom trips, more pressure down towards my pelvis and bladder, pretty much uncomfortable and tired all the time. I'm also hot all the time! You are seriously a little furnace inside of me. This next week is supposed to get really warm and humid, too. So, I have a feeling I'm definitely going to be ready to get you out.

Over the weekend, I finally used a gift card for a prenatal massage that your father gave me and I realized I should have used it a lot sooner. My leg cramps and pain felt so much better after the massage! If it starts to act up again before you are born, I may bite the bullet and go in for another one. It just felt so good. I have been experience more cramping than I have before, but I'm not sure if they are contractions, or just that feeling of being uncomfortable. Also, (if you turn out to be a boy, you may want to skip this next part), when I squeeze my boobs, a little bit of liquid comes out. I know. Super gross and I'm sorry for that. But, it is just another sign that things are moving in the right direction.

Even though I complain about a few things every week, I really must say that I have had an easy, easy pregnancy. No real nausea or lots of pain. Compared to some women I've talked to, I really have to say I have it good. For the most part, I love being pregnant and have nothing to complain about. These next few weeks are going to be hard because I am starting to get uncomfortable and I am so anxious to meet you, but I just have to remember that I only have a short time left to go.

Workouts: Still just doing my morning walks with Jax. But, boy, are they getting more exhausting.

Movement: You know it! I definitely feel you moving towards my pelvis, too. That is something I've never felt before, so I guess that means you've dropped a little bit.

Suspicions on gender: Boy.

Food aversions/cravings: Nothing really new in this department. I have been pretty uneventful in the cravings part of this pregnancy.

Sleep: Not terrible, but not terrific. I fall asleep fine, it's just all the waking up because I'm uncomfortable or have to pee.

Next doctor's appointment: This Friday. I was checked last week for progress and so far there were no signs of anything. But, I think we'll check again this week. Even if I was a few centimeters dilated, it doesn't really mean anything. I could still be pregnant for weeks. 

We have our last birthing class this Thursday. I really enjoyed all the classes and the teacher was great, but it will definitely be nice to have Thursday nights back. I'm just so tired all the time. Last week we were practicing breast feeding holds and we had this fake babies. Your dad was holding it for a bit and it just cracked me up. Doesn't he look like a natural?

My coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower, too. I was totally surprised and did not expect it at all. I thought I was going to a meeting and then a walked into a room filled with balloons and cake. Pretty sure I started crying. It was so awesome. I work with some really great people.

This weekend was also Irish Fest weekend! We didn't go down as many days as we usually do (mainly because I wasn't up to it), but did spend Sunday down there walking around and listening to music. We were listening to this band called Red Hot Chili Pipers (yes, Pipers, not Peppers). They call themselves a bagpipe rock band. And, it was so loud, you were going crazy. Kicking and moving all over. So, does that mean you like bagpipes or want to get away from them? :) We also bought you these little Irish booties. There were so many cute Irish baby clothes, it was so hard not to buy a ton of things.

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