Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memories from the weekend

Just dropping in to share a couple memories from the weekend. On Saturday, I ran the Run Tosa Run 5K. The race starts on 69th and North, and winds through the street of East Tosa. I run these streets (literally) almost everyday, and I had a feeling I could do pretty well. I was hoping to finish in 22:30 and just try to run my race.

After a warm up jog to the starting line with Matt and Callum, we arrived to the start and watched the half mile kid race. It was the sweetest thing ever! I can not wait for Callum to be able to run it. Hopefully next year!

At 9AM, we were off! And, I immediately felt great and knew it was going to be a good race. I ran most of the race with a pack of 5 guys, and was able to beat 4 of them in the end. The last guy really helped motivate the last half mile or so.

I ended up finishing in 21:57! 7:03 miles! I was the second female over all, and the second in my age group. The first female finished in like 19 minutes, so there was no contest there. I was so happy with my finish, and I felt great the whole run! Now, I need to run a 5K in sub 7 minute miles. If I found a nice flat course, it could definitely happen!

Celebrating my finish with the best cheerleader ever.

The other memory I wanted to share was a definite toddler moment. I love watching Callum grow and learn stuff every day. His personality is really starting to shine through, too. He's so sweet, silly, and definitely seems to have some sass. 

At dinner on Monday night, Callum was throwing his rice and broccoli all over the table. I asked him to stop several times, and of course he didn't. So, I took him out of his high chair and put him on the steps in the hall way for a little time out. He wasn't screaming or crying, but he was definitely being a grump.

I left him on the step, and went to sit down with Matt to finish dinner. As soon as I sat down, Callum walked into the dining room with this glare in his face. He looked right and Matt and me, and then wound up his arm, and threw it, like he was throwing food but he had nothing in his hands. It was totally like "F you guys. I'll throw food if I want to!" Then, he turned around and walked right back to the steps.

Matt and I looked at each other, and it took every ounce of will power not to start cracking up. It was the funniest little thing. He was such a sass about it! I'm sure these sorts of situations won't always be quite so funny. So, we'll have to look on the bright side for as long as we can.

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