Monday, May 25, 2015

Milwaukee Kite Festival

This weekend, we packed up the ole Mazda 5 and headed down to the lakefront for the Milwaukee Kite Festival. It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for sitting and watching kites, unless you're a toddler. Then, no day is perfect for just sitting. No sitting. Ever.

The trip started off with a bang when Callum puked all over himself on the car ride down. It may have been the tube of sunscreen he was using as a popsicle before we left home that caused it. Anyways, we get our car parked and start cleaning Callum up. Of course we didn't bring a change of clothes for him and only had a few wipes left, but the show must go on. (I should also mention that he clearly felt fine.)

The festival ended up being the perfect activity for us to enjoy as a family. We spread out our blanket and snacks, and watched a ton of different kites. In addition to the huuuuge kites that were in the air the whole time, there were stunt and synchronized kite performances. Unfortunately, the wind was not quite strong enough for some of the stunt performances. So, a number of them ended rather abruptly - and comically I may add with the music just shutting off and the flyers suddenly freezing.

We were also sitting next to the biggest bubble machine I've ever seen in my entire life. Callum was in heaven. He was screaming and running like crazy through all the bubbles. He couldn't contain himself. The bubbles were making him do it.

He wasn't the only kid hypnotized by the bubbles. It was basically a mosh pit of little people surrounding the machine. I was worried he was going to be trampled a few times. By the time he was done, he was soaking wet with bubble soap, just like a beer-soaked mosh-pitter at a Korn concert.

This picture was snapped during a calmer period of the bubble mosh pit. Usually, these kids were packed in there shoulder to shoulder, or head to butt if you're Callum's height.

After a few minutes of kite watching, a couple of hours of chasing bubbles, and a bag of kettle corn, we headed home for a bath and fresh set of clothes. We'll definitely see you next year, Milwaukee Kite Festival.

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