Friday, May 22, 2015

The most amazing thing about being a mom

Last Christmas, "Santa" brought Callum a Strider bike. If you're unfamiliar, Strider bikes, or other balance bikes, are peddle-less and supposed to be better than training wheels at preparing kids to ride actual bicycles. At the time, he was not even a little bit interested in it. The box that it came in was the clear present. Obvi.

Fast forward to a few months ago. The weather was warming up. We were spending more time outside. And Callum was watching mom and dad ride their bikes. He was now all about it. He jumped on the Strider, and it was clearly too tall for him. We had the seat as low as it would go, but my little peanut's feet could barely touch the ground. It looked really uncomfortable.

Since then, I've encouraged him to get back on it every few weeks to check if he's tall enough. Callum will jump back on, and before we can even move, goes in to total melt down mode until I lift him off. He's even watched a few of his taller friends give it try, which inevitably leads to him wanting to try again, which inevitably leads to a melt down. So, we have had zero success with this dang balance bike since we bought it for him.

Until yesterday that is.

I asked him if he wanted to give his bike a try. After an excited "Yes," I held my breath, anticipating the screams, while I helped him climb on. 

Then, nothing. No complaining. No tears. Callum was on the bike and he was ok with it! Surely there would be an issue once we started moving.

I stood behind him and helped him walk the bike along. I stopped after a few feet to see his reaction. Immediately, he requested "More, more, more." Callum was loving it! We spent the next 45 minutes walking the bike up and down the driveway. The only screaming pains were coming from my poor back.

I was so thrilled! Callum had finally been able to ride his Strider. Matt got home and it was all Callum could talk about. He kept saying "bike" between the rest of his toddler gibberish. It was hilarious.

These moments are my favorite thing about being a mom. There is nothing like watching your child experience something for the first time. It almost makes me feel as if I'm "riding" my first bike.

I remember being a kid and learning to hold my breath underwater, or tying my shoe for the first time, and that insane sense of accomplishment I had. I wanted to shout it from the roof top. My parents were always celebrating these achievements with me, as small as they may be.

As you get older, these celebratory firsts become few and far between. Let's be real. The first time you file your taxes is not exactly an exciting moment. I want to do my best to really appreciate all the firsts that Callum comes across in his life. And, I want to make it my job as his mom to expose him to as many as possible.

Now, off to teach Callum to give his first back rub.

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