Monday, June 15, 2015

A dog filled weekend

Hey there! Hi there! Hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Ours was filled with a bit of rain, but still turned out to be pretty amazing.

We started off Saturday morning by crossing the first item off of our summer bucket list: taking George for a swim in the lake. It was a huge success! I had no idea if he would like it or not. He's always hated baths and refuses to go in to the small wading pool in our backyard, so I set my expectations pretty low. But, it turns out George will follow his tennis ball just about anywhere. After a little initial hesitation, there was no holding him back. He ended up loving it! By the end, he was doing straight up belly flops

Callum, on the other hand, wasn't quite so happy. He could't figure out why I wouldn't let him swim on a 58 degree morning.

There was a huge road race happening along the lakefront Saturday morning, too. So, in addition to getting George in the water, we also got to cheer on some runners. Callum was clapping and cheering for everyone going by. It was so adorable. It definitely would've motivated me if I was running.

Despite the rain and fog, it turned out to be the perfect Saturday morning adventure.

That afternoon, I volunteered for a few hours with Tailwaggers 911 at Fido Fest in Wauwatosa. Fido Fest is a huge dog festival that takes place at a local park. There are so many fun activities you can do with your dogs: dog diving, swimming, obstacle courses, and so much more. We look forward to this every year.

You guys. This is the dog I got to handle for Tailwaggers while I was volunteering. I was in heaven.

This is sweet Honey Bee. She's nine weeks old and is still available for adoption! She was such a sweetheart. I just know she is going to find an amazing home.

After I spent a few hours with Tailwaggers, I went home and picked up all of my boys, Matt, Callum, and the two pups, and we came back to Fido Fest to hang out for a few hours. My mom joined us, too. We had a great time just strolling around, snacking on festival food, playing in the park, and listening to music. It was the perfect day all around.

Sunday morning was, once again, super rainy. We needed to get out of the house for a bit, so we went to check out a Lego display at Mayfair Mall. They are currently hosting The Lego Americana Road Show, which features a ton of American monuments built out of Legos. The different Lego monuments were super impressive! 

Here's Callum waving in front of the White House. Can you believe that's built out of Legos?!?

Callum was a bit young to really appreciate the Lego sculptures, but Matt and I really enjoyed just strolling around the mall, coffees in hand, checking them all out. The little signs next to each display had a few facts on the scales, hours it took to build, etc. The signs mentioned that each building was crafted by Lego Masters. It made Matt and I wonder how one gets to be a Lego Master. It sounds like a pretty cool title.

By Sunday afternoon, the rain finally cleared up. I was able to get in a five-mile run, which I desperately needed. I was feeling pretty lethargic since I hadn't worked out in a few days. The run gave me that energy boost I needed.

We ended our weekend by taking a bike ride to the local beer garden for dinner and music. Callum loved watching the band play, and Matt and I enjoyed winding down with a beer and plenty of snacks.

Despite the less-than-thrilled look on Callum's face, he really was enjoying himself.

We ended up hanging out til around 7:30, and didn't get Callum in bed until almost 8, a whole hour after his bed time! I was worried he'd be super crabby once we put him down for bed, but he did just fine. The evening was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. 

Matt's on vacation from work this week and we plan a taking full advantage of it. We have several plans including a date night on Tuesday, and Jazz in the Park with friends on Thursday. Here's to a good week ahead!

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