Monday, June 1, 2015

At Home Circuit Workout for Moms

On Sunday, Matt decided he wanted to work out every day this week. He has a few ultimate frisbee tournaments coming up and wants to be able to hack it out on the field for the long games. We went for runs on Sunday and Monday, but wanted to switch it up for yesterday's workout.

Since Callum would be hanging around, we needed something quick that would also serve as entertainment for him. Cue the circuit workout.

Here's what I threw together:

"Helping" with tire flips.

Warm up: Jump rope and jog around the block. I started jumping rope (and wrangling Callum) while Matt ran around the block. Then, we switched, and Matt jumped rope while I ran around the block. We repeated it, so we each jogged twice and jumped rope twice.

Workout: We did 8 different circuits at 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for a total of 4 minutes. I have a tabata timer on my phone that works perfectly for cueing when to work and rest. Here are the moves we did:

We repeated the circuit 3x (for a total of 4 rounds) with short rests in between.

Cool down: Jog around the block and planks. Just like our warm up, one of us jogged while the other person planked. We each did both move twice.

Bonus cool down: Popsicle.

This was the perfect workout to do right in our backyard. It left us super sweaty, and there's nothing like a little marital competition to keep you moving.

For most of it, Callum was trying to follow what we were doing in his own drunk toddler way. When he got a little needy towards the end, a bucket of water and few plastic cups solved the issue. (What is it with toddlers and water?)

I really enjoy working out out as a family. And, Callum seems to really like it to. To him, it looks like Mom and Dad are jumping around and having a blast, and he wants a part of it. I've always enjoyed being active, and I hope I can lead by example and instill the same in Callum.

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