Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our summer bucket list

There's nothing sweeter than summertime in Milwaukee. The sunshine. The festivals. The food. It is by far my favorite time of year. But, it also turns into the busiest time of year with all the plans we make. And, before we know it, we're staring Labor Day right in the eyes.

To help me make the most of Summer 2015, I thought I'd jot down a few ideas for stuff I'd like to do or accomplish this summer. Most are things I want to do. Some are things I don't want to do, but need to get done anyways. I'll revisit this list at the end of September to see everything the Olson's managed to pack in to these next few months.

Here's to a great Summer 2015!

1. Make a pizza on the grill.

2. Take Callum to the airport and watch planes take off and land.

3. Paint our guest room. It's currently bright blue. It's so bad. Beyond bad.

4. Eat our way through State Fair.

State Fair 2014

5. Swim and build sand castles at Bradford Beach.

6. Run a 5K in sub-7 minute miles. (My current 5K PR was run in 7:02 miles.)

7. Keep Callum up way past his bedtime for fireworks. Deal with the consequences.

8. Make homemade ice cream.

9. Go fishing and eat our catch.

10. Work towards potty training Callum. I realize this is a loft goal for someone who turns two this September. But, we've had one pee in the potty already, and he shows so much interest in the toilet. So, go big or go home. 

11. Since we're really shooting for the moon now, I'll drop this bomb, too: Eliminate the nay nay. (That's what Callum calls his pacifier.) Pray for me.

12. Family Brewers game and tail gate.

13. Take George, our one-year-old lab, swimming in the lake.

14. Have a picnic dinner at Jazz in the Park. Followed by dancing our hearts out.

15. Try a new restaurant. We're really good at just counting on the old stand bys.

16. Ride our bikes (with Callum in the Burley) whenever we can.

17. Go strawberry picking.

18. Relax. Breath. And just enjoy.

Did I miss anything? Tell me: What do you want to this summer?

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