Monday, June 8, 2015

Walk Wisconsin

Happy Monday morning to all you crazy kids out there. I hope you're all feeling refreshed from a nice weekend and ready to tackle the week ahead.

The Olson's had a pretty spectacular weekend. The highlight for me included a trip up to Stevens Point to walk the Walk Wisconsin half-marathon. My mom and I drove up early Saturday morning, and met up with my aunts and cousin so we could all walk the course together. This is my second time finishing this walk, and everyone else's fourth.

Ideal weather conditions and the gorgeous course made this year's walk just perfect. The walk is non-competitive, so it's the perfect event to complete with family or friends. We finished the 13.1 miles in a little over 3.5 hours.

Most of the walk is spent in parks or along the water front. You even walk through a sculpture garden at one point. Honestly, walking a half-marathon always seems so daunting to me, but the course scenery and my lovely walking buddies made the time fly by. I was almost wishing we had a few more miles left once we got to the end. Almost.

The course support was also great. There were three or four stops (I can't remember exactly) along the way that had water, sports drink, fruit, granola bars, and even popsicles. You could easily eat your way through the walk. Food is always a good motivator for me. Sure, I'll walk three more miles if you give me a popsicle. :)

There was quite the feast at the finish line, too: sandwiches, chips, watermelon, trail mix, and even locally made root beer. The organizers do such a great job with this event. We will be back next year.

Thanks, Walk Wisconsin!

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