Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When things don't go as planned

I was looking forward to this past weekend for months. My sister-in-law (Matt's sister), Dana, was getting married in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Matt and I were both taking time off of work to spend a few days up north to enjoy the wedding and lots of time with family.

We had a great time! Dana looked stunning. Rob (the groom) was handsome as could be. The ceremony and reception site (Lake Wissota Golf Course) was breathtaking. And, to top things off, Callum was a champ! He was up way past his bedtime multiple nights in a row, slept good in the hotel, and was a dancing machine the night of the wedding.

Dana and Callum at the wedding reception.

However, there was one small hiccup. Thursday morning, Callum woke up with a case of the pukes. There's really no other way to put it. He seemed in great spirits, but just could not keep any food down. He would want to eat, and then whatever he ate would come right back up. We put him down for an early nap, hoping he would sleep it off.

Sure enough. He woke up after his nap and was doing great. That evening was the rehearsal dinner (all three of the Olson's were in the wedding party). Rehearsal went just fine, and we all enjoyed a great dinner and a few drinks after. 

Family picture from the rehearsal dinner.

The morning of the wedding, we all woke up beyond excited for the day's activities. My day started early with a hair appointment with the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids. Then, professional makeup. (Side note: We did the airbrushed makeup. I was a little apprehensive about spending the money, but holy cow. It was amazing. Definitely worth it.)

I got back to the hotel, where Matt and Callum were hanging out, to find a super sick husband. He caught the pukes. He was doing his best to rest up before the wedding, but things weren't looking good. 

We all finished getting ready and were off to the ceremony. The drive there, it hit me. It couldn't be, I thought. No way was I getting it, too.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats wondering what happened next, so I'll cut to the chase: I got it, too. As the night went on, I was only feeling worse. I tried to hack it as long as I could, but I didn't make it much past 8. "Have a beer!" someone said. "Just eat something. You'll feel better," said another. But, unfortunately, the thought of either of those things was enough to make me ralph all over the wedding cake.

I hung out for the grand march, the first dances, and a little bit of time on the dance floor, but I was only feeling worse. (Thankfully, both Matt and Callum were feeling better at this point.)

My brother, Andy, and Callum. Can't even handle the toddler swag.

I was so, so disappointed. I missed the late night dancing (by far the best part of the wedding). I didn't catch up with all the family and friends that live in different cities. I couldn't stomach the cake, let alone an open bar. I had my hair, nails, and makeup done.

Hair done. Nails did. Everything big!

Anyone? No, okay. Moving on.

I ended up back at the hotel sleeping it off. I was just too beaten.

The next morning, I still woke up feeling like garbage. I caught up with Matt on all the exciting happenings from the night before, and it turned out the pukes knocked a few more people out, including the bride! I guess Dana left the wedding shortly after I did.

So, thanks, Callum for being a little bioterrorist and unleashing your wrath upon the wedding. I guess there's always Dana's next wedding.

Just kidding! I don't see Rob going anywhere. Those two are just too perfect together.

Everyone was able to hold it together for all the pictures. I'll be sure to share those when I have them.

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