Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites {6}

It's the weekend, errrrbody! Got any cool plans? And, I mean that literally. It's supposed to be a scorcher these next few days in the Midwest. We're headed north a few hours to enjoy a (hopefully) restful weekend with some friends at their lake cabin. There will be three toddlers with us. Lord only knows how well they'll decide to sleep. Thank goodness for coffee. Amiright? Since it will be so hot, I'm looking forward to lots of cold drinks and lake swimming.

I missed last weeks Friday Favorites, but never fear. We're now back to our regularly scheduled program. Here are a few things I CAN NOT get enough of this week.

1. Did you guys know that H&M has kids clothes? I made this discovery a while ago and it has proven to be a very dangerous one. Not only are the kids clothes adorable, but they are so well priced. I picked up a few shirts for Callum this week and I am in love with all them. By the way, that long sleeve blue sweatshirt with the lions on it: $3! 


2. I crossed another item off of our Summer Bucket List and made homemade ice cream this week. There really is nothing like it. It tastes so much fresher than store bought ice cream. I used this recipe for Cake Batter Ice Cream. Peep it.

My ice cream maker is actually an attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It's a sort of bulky thing to store, but it's really easy to use. 

3. We were in need of a new large area rug for our front room. I bet you'll never guess where I picked this one up from: Target. (I bought it in store and couldn't find it online. Sorry, peeps.) Anyways, it is so soft and really lightens up all the dark wood in the room. Callum's butt is in love.

Also, I get that it's beige and I not only have a toddler, but also two dogs, in our house. But, I've always been a risk taker. Plus, Target also sells carpet cleaner.

Don't the toddler toys really add that special touch to our decor?

4. It is the summer of jumpsuits!! I seriously love them so much. Although they do make going to the bathroom a little tricky, they are so comfortable and take all the work out of planning an outfit. Plus, they can be easily dressed up or down. Here are a few that I am loving. 

5. Finally, here's a little Friday Funny for ya!

Go follow this Instagram account. It is hi-lar-ious. The hashtags are everything.

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