Monday, August 24, 2015

Celebrating 90 years

This weekend, we drove up north to spend the weekend with Matt's parents, and to celebrate Matt's maternal Grandfather's 90th (yes, 90!!) birthday. We arrived late Friday evening, which gave us all day Saturday to relax and just spend time together. Saturday, we played with cousins, took the dogs for a swim, and just had a nice, low-key day.

Sunday was the day of the big 90th birthday celebration! The party was held at an old dance hall in Theilman, Minnesota. It was a beautiful building that was built over 100 years ago! Matt's grandpa used to go to dances there when he was young. He was telling us how they would put their horses on the first floor of the building, and then walk up to the dance hall on the second floor. It is so crazy to think about what a different world it is now, than it was 70 years ago. The party was great! We ate, played cards, and watched the kids chase each other around. Callum ended up with quite a stomach ache after the party thanks to the bowls of chocolate that were everywhere, so they were difficult for tiny hands to avoid.

This side of Matt's family is huge! Seriously. It's been growing at a rapid exponential pace. It's been a long time since all the cousins were all together in one room, so it was so great to see everyone and just spend the afternoon together. It also can not go without mention how great of a man Matt's Grandpa Paul is. The huge turn out at the party goes to show what a kind, selfless man he is. I can not think of a better person to celebrate.

Cheers to 90 years!!

Granpa Klees and his kids.

And the grandkids.

And the great grandkids.

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