Monday, August 10, 2015

Our day at the Wisconsin State Fair

Yesterday, we spent the entire (and I mean ENTIRE) day at the Wisconsin State Fair, and I think it was probably Callum's favorite day of his entire life. Now, I should start by saying that Matt and I love the Fair. We have for years, and we look forward to Fair time every summer. I have my old stand-bys that I  always get to eat (cream puffs, quarter-milks, grilled cheese, corn on the cob, pork chop sandwich), the walk through the Expo Center to check out all the ridiculous "Seen on TV products" is a must, and you can't miss all the baby animals in the Discovery Barn. Plus, you always need the occasional break to check out some local entertainment with a beer or lemonade.

Callum loves food, and animals, and music, and the whole Fair-atmosphere, so we had a feeling he would really love it. We did take him last year, but he was still a little too young to really enjoy it. Right now, he's at that golden age where he can really check everything out, and he's not asking us to buy him everything.

And, we were so on spot. He loved everything. There was obviously no time for a nap (We tried for quite some time.), but he was still as happy as could be. In fact, the only nap he took all day was during the 10-minute walk to the car when we left. I was so scared we were going to have a monster on our hands before bed time, but we totally dodged that bullet. I guess this kid just loves the Fair as much as his parents.

Some of my favorite moments from the day include: seeing Callum revel in all the farm equipment until we had to literally carry him away, watching an arm wrestling competition in the Expo Center, listening to Callum yell "Hi, Goat! Hi, Goat!, Hi, Goat!" as he walked from stall to stall in the Goat Barn, and obviously all the food.

Dear State Fair,

I love you.

Love, Megan

You guys. It's a cow-lage. (Not even sorry for that one.)