Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Second Birthday, Callum

Today, you, sweet boy, are two! The last two years flew by, but then it's hard to even imagine that you've just been in our lives for two years. I feel like I've known you forever. 

Everyday you amaze me. You are transforming into a little boy with the most sparkling personality. You're silly. You're sassy. You're independent. You're sweet. Two years ago, on the day I meant you, I would've said it was impossible to love you more than I did then. But, somehow, I do. 

Here are a few things I never want to forget about two-year-old Callum:

Your favorite foods are cereal and peanut butter.

When you laugh really hard, you cover your mouth with both of your hands. Kills me every time.

You prefer to stand in the bath tub instead of sit.

You always want to help me in the kitchen and you are better at cracking eggs than your dad.

When you are doing something you know you're not supposed to, you come find us, hold out your hand like a stop sign, and say "Momma. No. No. Momma." You give yourself away before we even catch you doing anything.

"Gentle" is still not a concept you understand.

You love anything that goes: diggers, planes, trucks, trains.

You hate wearing clothes. If you had your way, you'd be naked 100% of the time.

You also hate when we have to change your diaper, but still tell us you don't want to use the potty.

Every time you ask for a bagel, you say it twice. So, it comes out "bagel bagel."

You still sleep with your dang nae nae.

You call every thing Matt and I are drinking "beer," which really makes us look like quality parents when we're in public.

You have the best laugh I've ever heard. I would do anything to hear it.

You love Jax and George, and only torment them about half the time these days.

When you're up in the morning or after your nap, you yell "Wake up, Mama!" over and over until I come get you.

You spent the summer playing in any water you could find, and you still throw a fit if we don't let you play in the sink when you want.

Speaking of fits, man, oh man, are you good at them. If you we don't let you have something you want, watch out.

Because of this, you have been introduced to the time out this last month. You hate them, but they definitely help to calm you down.

You always ask for milk and water and the same time. You need a cup of each.

You love to make us laugh, and you love watching videos of yourself laughing.

You love to run, and when you do, you pump your arms back and forth and your little shoulders push up to your ears.

You love babies. The last few times you've met one, you ask to hold them and you are so, so gentle with them.

I can't get enough of your eyelashes.

You say "hi" and wave to anyone walking by our house.

You are a talking machine! You can communicate just about everything you need to. And, you can officially say your name. "Callum" was a tough one!

I love watching you play with your friends. You guys have finally started to play with each other, instead of just next to each other. You also know how to drive them crazy when you want to, such as taking a toy from them you only want because they do.

My life is better because you're in it. I love you more than you'll ever know, Callum. Here's to another amazing year as your momma.

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