Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The gentle reminders

A couple weeks ago, Callum and I took a trip to the mall. Why, you ask? Because, I guess I like punishing myself. Mall trips with toddlers are always an adventure. And that's putting it nicely. Well, I only had one stop to make and I we'd thought survive. Plus, we had no where to be, so we were able to take our time and walk at Callum's pace.

After about 45 minutes of Callum talking over the balcony to the mall walkers and riding escalators, we made the return we needed to and were ready to hit the road. It was getting close to nap time, so I was dealing with an especially feisty Callum.

We made it all the way to the end of the mall when I realized that we parked on the complete opposite end. After a minor panic attack, Callum and I rode down the escalator and started our trek to the other side of the mall. Of course, by this point, Callum was in totally two-nanger mode. He was refusing to walk with me, but wouldn't let me carry him, whining the whole way.

Finally, I just picked him up and carried my kicking and screaming toddler through the mall. I was totally mortified. I just needed to get out of there fast, or else, I'd be kicking and screaming, too.

As I was walking past the Fed Ex man, and I was sure he was rolling his eyes at me and my unruly child, he just stopped and smiled at me.

"My kids are now 21 and 22," he said. " I miss that age so much. Enjoy it."

And, just like that, I took a deep breath and hugged my sweet Callum a little tighter.

Parenting is funny like that. Just when you are about ready to give up, when you're convinced you can't make it through another minute, let alone another day, you get that gentle reminder that everything's ok. Something clicks and you realize how great you've got it.

So, today, let me be your random Fed Ex man at the mall. Let me tell you what a great job you're doing and how lucky you are. For a minute or two, forget the problems you're facing and those insurmountable mountains you have to climb. I promise you can do it. Remember, you've got it good, Momma.


  1. I absolutely love this. It's moments like this, and people like Fed Ex man who help us to realize how great it is to be a parent. And, to remind us that while there are hard moments and hard days, there are far more amazing moments and wonderful days!

    1. Absolutely! Thank goodness for all the Fed Ex men in this world. :)