Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Toddler Halloween

This Halloween was, by far, the best one yet with Callum. He is finally able to (sort of) get what Halloween and trick or treating is, and it's so fun watching him trying to make sense of it all. I still don't think he completely understands it, but he is able walk his cute little legs door-to-door and say the sweetest little "trick or treat."

Callum as a candy corn in 2013 and Batman in 2014.

Last year, I spray painted a plastic push car that I found at a thrift store for Callum's Batman costume.  I figured he wouldn't want to walk much, being just over a year old, and that this would be an ideal solution. 

To paint the car, I just used several coats of black spray paint. Then, I printed a Batman logo I found on Google Images to create a stencil. I used my makeshift stencil to hand paint the logo on the front of the car. The car turned out way better than I expected, and I was so thrilled to use it on Halloween night.

The night of last year's trick or treating, Callum all-out refused to sit in his Batmobile. He was tired, wanted to be held, and cried when we'd put him the car. A happy kid overruled the cute costume, and we barely used the car. So, this year, I decided we'd reuse it. And, I am so glad we did.

Since we were reusing Callum's costume, I thought I'd go ahead and find some superhero costumes for Matt and I to go along with our Batman. I found our simple Robin and Wonder Woman costumes on Amazon, and thought they went perfectly with Batman.

Our family of superheroes so enjoyed our Halloween night trick or treating with friends. As soon as Callum realized saying "trick or treat" got him a piece a candy, he was more than willing to stroll up to the houses and get his treat. Our neighborhood association does a great job hosting our trick or treat. It's like one big neighborhood party. People have bonfires on their front lawn, host parties at their house, and hand out lots of beer and adult apple cider to the parents walking their kids around. Each house we went to, Callum got his candy and was ready to stay for the party. We had to keep reminding him that there was more candy to be had.

After about an hour of hiking around the neighborhood, Callum and the rest of the boys were about spent. So, our gang all headed, bellies full of Snickers bars and apple cider. It was such a great night. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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