Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Weekend in Jax

This weekend, I got the heck out of Milwaukee (and the winter weather), to visit one of my very best friends in Jacksonville and her three-month old little baby. Cari, who lives in JAX, and I have been inseparable since high school. Much to my dismay, her husband's career has carried them way south. My other soul mate, Katy, whom I've actually known since we were in utero (it's a long story), also lives across the country in Charleston, and was able to drive down for the weekend, too. It was a weekend full of belly laughs, late-night talks, and plenty of good beer. I left the weekend feeling rejuvenated and just so, so happy.

I have spent a few days away from Callum before, but, for whatever reason, I was especially anxious about leaving him before this trip. I think I was worried about him being older now and being more aware of my absence. I was worried he would feel abandoned, which he didn't, or be really confused as to where I was, which he wasn't. I told him all about leaving several days before, Facetimed with Cari and Baby Eva so I could show him who they were, and told him about all the fun things him and Matt were going to do while I was gone. In the end, we both missed one another like crazy, but it was the perfect little break for both of us.

While in JAX, we ate way too much food, checked out the historic St. Augustine, and I took advantage of the warm weather and sunshine with daily runs outside. Man, oh man, do I miss the vitamin D! And, don't even get me started on Baby Eva. She tagged along with us for all of our adventures, and was the perfect hostess. Her sweet smiles and tiny bows were a highlight of the trip. 

As much as I enjoyed the time away, by the time Sunday morning rolled around, I was so ready to see my boys. There's no doubt: Absence makes the heart grow so much fonder. 

If you're interested in even more oversharing, I made a short video of our adventures. I've probably watched it a hundred times since I've gotten home. It just makes me so happy.

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