Thursday, March 9, 2017

August Edward: Three Months Old

Our sweet Gus Gus is officially three months old!

In case you didn't notice, I sort of just skipped his two month update. To be honest, things were still tough and not much had changed from his one month post. There was still little sleep and not much of a routine. Plus, I was just totally lacking in any sort of motivation for writing a post.

But, I am here to say that we have officially made it out of that newborn haze and I am so grateful for it! Each day seems to be getting a little bit easier as we continue to figure out life as a family of four. Gus fits right in to our family, and I'm almost to the point where I don't remember life without him. He was absolutely meant just for us.

First and foremost, I have to say that Callum is just doing beyond awesome. He is such a good big brother and has adjusted so well to having an attention-hogging baby in the house. He is always understanding if we have to take a break from playing so I can tend to Gus. He's also such a good helper. He loves to run and get a burp cloth for me when I need it, or he'll rock and sing to Gus if he's upset. He also sings to him, which is the funniest thing in the world. Callum basically yells the song at Gus, think "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!!! MY ONLY SUNSHINE!" It is by no means soothing, but it always seems to calm Gus down. Probably because Gus is like, "What the heck is going on?" Callum also calls him "Gus Gus," which breaks my heart just about every time.

I also went back to work this month, which has been really nice. It's so nice to have something else to focus on a couple days a week other than nap and feeding schedules. My mom stays with the boys the few days I go in to the office, which we are so grateful for. Matt's mom has been down, too, to help us a lot when I have to work. We are so lucky to have two amazing grandmas for our boys!

Weight & Height

He just had his two month appointment (a few weeks late) last week and was up to 11 lbs 10 oz. He was in the 10th percentile for both height and weight. Compared to Callum, I don't think Callum was on the charts. So, he's bigger than he was. I touched on it in an earlier post, but we had lots of supply and weight gain issues during the first year of Callum's life. I often still feel very stressed about Gus' weight gain, even though it's fine, and I think a big part of that was because of all the issues we had with Callum. So, I am so, so happy to see Gus thriving and on the charts.


No problems in this department! He's still nursing like a champ, and still taking bottles well. We have still been supplementing with a few ounces of formula every day, but thankfully that has not affected my supply at all. He goes back and forth like a champ, and I am so happy to have found a system that works well for us. Giving him a bit of formula has also helped me to stress less about weight gain. So, mama's happy, baby's happy, and that's all that really matters. After all, fed is best.


Night sleeping is definitely improving! We have a good bedtime routine going, and Gus has consistently been going to sleep at night around 6:30 or 7:00. We have transitioned out of the swaddle, and in to the Magic Merlin sleep suit, which he seems to like, even though he looks like a giant marshmallow baby. He is still sleeping in our room in the Rock n Play, and I plan to keep him in there for at least another month. We had a few days in a row where he was only waking up once a night to eat, which was glorious but didn't last. He's up usually two - three times a night, which is manageable. Plus, most nights, he generally just eats and goes back down. Callum is still sneaking in to our room at night, which can make things tricky, but I keep trying to remind myself that it won't last forever. I'm trying to relish in these snuggles, versus get annoyed by them. We talk to Callum, too about getting bunk beds for him and Gus once Gus is bigger, and he loves that idea. Once Gus is sleeping though the night, we may even try moving his crib in there. I have a feeling it could help everyone sleep through the night in their own beds.

Naps are still all over the place. He'll take anywhere from 3-4 naps a day, that will last anywhere from 15 minutes to 3.5 hours. They are totally unpredictable. Hoping to have some updates on this next month. He does nap in his crib, which he seems to like. I also think it helps him understand the difference between night sleeping and naps.

Also, Daylight Saving Time is this weekend. Fingers crossed that this doesn't mess everything up to much.


Gus is the biggest mover ever! He was a serious kicker in the stomach when I was pregnant with him, so it is so funny to see him like that now. Anytime he is laying on his back, his little legs are kicking like crazy. It is hilarious to watch. He gets this serious, concentrated look on his face and just kicks away. He has also started really cranking his neck around while he is laying on the ground to see what's going on. It won't be long before all that neck moving forces him to roll over.

He is also holding his head up like a champ. His trunk is getting much stronger, too. I can't wait until he's able to sit up by myself! He can bear weight on his legs, now too. It's so funny to hold him as he works so hard to push himself straight up. Just like with his kicks, he gets such a concentrated look on his face. We'll have to see if this concentration and focus stays with our little man.

He is babbling more and more, too. Usually just one or two syllables at a time, but he definitely does it to be heard or in response to something. We haven't heard any real belly laughs yet. I can hardly wait for those!


  • He still love his bath time. I can't wait to get him in the pool this summer.
  • He loves to have his cheeks stroked. Gets a smile every single time.
  • His brother.
  • Being carried in the Ergo.
  • Keeping his little toes curled tight like all the time. He must be awfully ticklish.
  • Nursing the second I get home from work. He must miss it during the day.


  • Being in his carseat.
  • Sitting in the same spot for too long.
  • Stopping mid-feeding to be burped.
  • Nursing right after I've worked out. Sorry. That's probably TMI.
  • Nursing under a cover.
  • Kisses from the dogs.
  • When Callum roars in his face. Can't say I blame him.

New this month

  • He officially has eyebrows and eyelashes! I really hope he gets the same gorgeous lashes as his brother.
  • We took not one, but TWO, road trips. One to Independence and one to Minneapolis. Gus did great both times.
  • In the last week especially, he was really taken to his pacifier, or nay nay as they're called in our house. It definitely helps to soothe him, especially when he's in his car seat. If he's sound asleep, though, he's not woken up if it falls out.
  • Smiles on smiles on smiles on smiles.
  • His startle reflex is just about gone. Thanks goodness!
  • It is now officially so much easier to get out of the house. I'm not sure if it's just having more practice, or what, but I feel like I don't need like three hours to prepare anymore.
  • Gus has officially spent a few classes at Barre District and did just wonderfully. That's probably the closest he'll ever get to daycare.

Here's what we've been up to this month.

Visiting the Domes. We've been there quite a bit the last few weeks.

Meeting Grandpa Ollie for the first time in Independence.

Out to eat in Minneapolis. (Also, can you tell I'm obsessed with this little alphabet outfit?)

Dad being the best Dad ever.

Riding in the Binxy Baby at the grocery store. This thing is amazing. Every time we use it, we get a ton of comments on it.

We had a couple unseasonably warm days, so we took full advantage. Gus loved checking everything out. I still can't get over his baby blues.

What every morning looks like for me: snuggles with both of my boys. Callum usually wakes up while I'm nursing Gus, and he happily says, "Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Gus!" It's the best.